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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Kleenex: Refresh Your Bathroom Finalist

Alkisahnya semalam ada la missed call from a number while I was at the gym.  So balik tu, returned call la.  A chinese boy picked up the call.  Apparently he is an intern and yesterday was his first day.  And since he said no one was around, he will find out who called me and will ask that person to return call.  Dah cuak dah... another call for an interview ke? Takpe la, anyhow hopefully ada la org call balik harap2 nya.

Sampai ke sudah xde org call balik semalam.  And today, the same number called.  Not exactly sama la. pangkal je sama, hujung je lain.  Suspected it is from the same place.  So I picked it up la.

Ok to cut it short, the guy said that I was shortlisted as a finalist for the Kleenex contest.  Woohooo! Ok.. ok.. baru finalist Naz, belum menang lagi.  But maybe sebab jarang dapat call sedemikian so teruja pulak. After a short chit chat, he said that he will send me an email and asked to reply to that email.

Hi Nazehah binti Zainuddin,

It was pleasant able to speak to you over the phone just now. As-per mentioned earlier,

We would like to say congratulations! You have been selected as one of the very few finalists of the Kleenex Refresh Your Bathroom Contest! In order for us to complete the final selection process, we will need you to email us pictures of your chosen bathroom to this email address. Please take note:

1. We will need a full overview of your bathroom from every aspect, as we need to see the size, look & feel, colour theme, etc of your current bathroom.

2. Photos to be in mid- to high-resolution (between 500KB to 1MB is fine). They do not have to be professional photos, so taking them with a smartphone or digital camera will suffice.

3. Deadline for this is by 10.00pm, today (Thursday, 4/10/2012. Otherwise, failure to produce those photos will be deemed as non-participation from your end and you will be automatically removed from this finalist list.

4. In that email please state out the subject: Kleenex: Refresh Your Bathroom Participant and also when attaching the photo please do include the location / address of your bathroom / house.

Rest assured we will not be publishing your photos on our Facebook page or anywhere else as it will only be used for an internal judging procedure. Again, the email address is and we hope to hear from you by 10pm today

This is our phone number in case you need to contact us for further questions at: xxx

Kleenex Social Media Facebook Team

Wahhh cepat sungguh deadlinenya... time wait for no man.. dengan pantas capai phone and capture gambar bathroomku itu dan emailed to him.  After he acknowledged the receipt, tgk balik gambar2 tu.  Comot nyer bathroom ku... kekekke...  Haa kalau korang nak tgk, ni dia gambar2 tu.  comotzzz x? hihi




Anyway, lepas dia tgk gambar2 ni sure diorg pelik sbb takde bath tup! padahal dlm slogan tu i mentioned bath tup dan berbunyi begini...

I deserve the bathroom make over because:
"bathroom is one of the best place in the house for me. I have most of my womanly moments there. I find peace in the hot watered bath tub while listening to my music and scent from Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh scented toilet tissue. New colors to match the ambiance would be awesome. A great lighting is definitely important so I could do my make up perfectly. And of course, having my feet walking on new tiles is priceless!"

Oh well, xpe la.. kata suh creative masa buat slogan tu kan. Anddd kalau ada rezeki menang, insyaAllah... 

Anyway, out of the 20 finalist, only 3 orang akan menang the grand price. And nak tahu apa grand price dia??

Menarik bukan?

*praying so hard supaya menang!!*

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