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Thursday, 8 November 2007

My first entry..

I always wanted to have a second blog where i can express every single thing that come across my mind. However, I never had a chance to actually set up another one. Till tonite.. I finally found the right time and mood to do so. This blog.. i want it to be personal. No one knows the existence so i can actually write what ever i have in mind or in heart. Unlike the one I have on FS, it's too public. Everyone can read it. So it limits what i wanted to write from my heart especially when it comes to things that a little bit more personal. But again, I hope that I can manage to keep this blog alive with all the stories and craps that i am going through in life. so ppl, ready.. get set... GO!! :)


ayusolo said...

welcome my dear fren...:)

Naz said...

thank you my dear fren.. hehehe... ;p