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Thursday, 3 October 2013

ECG Stress Test... apakah itu?

Korang pernah buat ni? Sapa pnh buat angkat tangan! Ha... mesti x pernah kan? Hehehehhe... Ok, meh sini I bgtau.  Ni la dia carta untuk stress test.  Nak tengok how ur condition is when ur heart needs to work  at a maximum workload.  Nak tgk heart u stress x.  Heart yg stress tau... bukan u yang stress... jangan confuse kat situ.

Ok, don't ask me how to read the chart above cos i pun x paham.  My concern was just the report page where cardiologist concluded whether my result is normal or otherwise.

Had to do this stress test as my blood result indicated that my cholestrol is high.  Hence I was asked to do the stress test to check the condition of my heart.  Risau giler nak kena buat stress test ni sebab kena lari atas threadmill and I haven't done that for quite some time.  Plus i just underwent a csec 2 months ago so mmg takut la kot2 jahitan belum baik kan.  

Anyway, how the stress test works, there are 5 stages all together. 1st stage - slow walk, 2nd stage - fast walk + incline, 3rd stage - brisk walk/slow jog + increase incline, 4th & 5th stage mmg dah lari pecut kot.  Fortunately, masa 3rd stage dah pass ie achieve the target heart workload so x payah la buat 4th and 5th stage tu. yippeee!  And the interval between each stages is 3 minutes.  Not so bad actually.  Alhamdulillah, DH paksa gi gym tiap2 hari before the test untuk get back my stamina. Tq DH for forcing me! Lol.

Anyhoo, it's good to know that my heart is working and responding normal towards the workload.  Anyway, ni part of the medical check up that I had to undergo untuk process recruitment nak kerja kat Company tu.  Alhamdulillah, am fit to work! (dah dpt offer letter pun *big grinn*)


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rezeki anak... mummy's going back to work!

First and foremost, let me express my kesyukuran pada Ilahi atas rezeki yang tak disangka ni.  Alhamdulillah, he answered my prayer.

As most of you are aware, I have been a full time housewife for almost 2 years.. almost! Not yet though.  The first year memang i was actively searching and hunting for job.  Attended interviews here and there.  Alot of interviews... i can say more than 15 la..or almost 20?  unfortunately or was it fortunate?, I didn't get any of it.

When I got pregnant with Suri, I still attended some interviews.  Of course before my tummy started showing.  And again, no luck! or was it a luck that I didn't get any?  I remember when i entered my 5th month with Suri, and my tummy started to show, I told DH that I want to stop hunting for job.  Let me deliver my baby 1st and thereafter start to search again.  He noted.  As usual, he is ok with what ever my decision is on starting back my career.  

And in May 2013, my 8th month with Suri, when my tummy mmg dah show sangat sbb dah sarat kan, I got a call from the Company above.  Well, gambar di atas is an obvious hint anyway with the logo half hide. Lol.  I was called for an interview for a resume that I submitted 2 years ago (July 2011).  Terkejut jugak masa dapat call from them.  Told them that I was expecting and if it was ok with them.  Since the Company's process is also quite a long one, they were ok with me being pregnant since I was also already in my 3rd trimester.

And so I had my 1st interview with the Company and I passed.  My friend said that it will take sometimes for them to call me for my second interview that is the structured interview.  Sempat la beranak dulu!  Ok lega!

Oppsss.... jgn lega cepat sgt.... 2 weeks after got another call for the second interview.. Oh my gucci! Masa tu I think dah masuk 9 months pun.  36 weeks if I was not mistaken.  Lagi 2 weeks dah kena gi hospital surrender untuk di induce!  Oleh kerana nak beranak dengan aman and x nak fk pasal structured interview ni kan, so with an open mind and heart, pergi la structured interview tu.

And alhamdulillah got the official result that I passed the 2nd interview after bersalin. Though the unofficial one dah tau awal kan. hehehe. that's the best part of having a friend in there. lol

So the 3rd stage was the medical check up.  Yang ni hanya boleh buat after lepas habis confinement.  To cut the story short, I had a little bit of hiccups masa medical check up ni.  It took me almost 3 weeks kot untuk clear my medical check up sebab ada isu2 kesihatan sikit so had to do a little bit more checks to see whether I am fit to work ke x... adeh... macam nak keja kat offshore je kan... padahal dalam office je.. huhu.  Nevertheless, I passed the medical check up, alhamdulillah...

And so... finally I got my Offer Letter.  All in all, the process that usually takes 7 months minimum (from friends' experiences), but in my case was only 4 months to secure the job.  Alhamdulillah. Inilah rezeki yang I really hope and waited for selain Suri.

Honestly, mmg excited to be working in the Company.  Tapi I masih berpijak di bumi yang nyata.  I know how tough it's gonna be later especially being in the department that I will be joining.  But putting all that aside, lets not get too worry about that yet.  Just enjoy the moment now knowing that I will be working in the company that used to be my client :)


Monday, 23 September 2013

Coincident or not? U tell me :)

Our new ride.  Dah 2 bulan pun. Umur Suri kereta ni.  Sebab we finally got it on the 2nd day Suri was born. Hehe. Anyway, when we decided on this plet number, Suri belum lahir lagi. 1179 is actually hubby's birthday.. November 1979.  Tapi tgk2 kebetulan pulak berkaitan dgn Suri jugak. 

1179 - Born 11 July @ 8.53pm @ 9pm.

Kitaorg x perasan pun.  The chinese salesman yang jual keta ni yang bgtau on the day hubby went to pick up the car on 12 July. 

Salesman:  "Abang, lu punya anak semalam lahir pukul 9 malam ka?"

Hubby:  "Haaa dekat2, lagi 7 minit pukul 9pm. mana you tau?"

Salesman :  "Waaaa... banyak ong la u punya nombor keleta abang... saya boleh beli ini nombor la.."

Hubby:  "Huh... apsal haa?

Salesman :  "Yalah, abang dapat anak 11 July jam 9 malam.  Keleta abang pun 1179"

Apalagi, terus viral la gambar kat atas tu kat whatsapp hubby dan rakan2 dia. Hehehe..

Coincidence right?


Monday, 16 September 2013

So she got engaged!

Congratulations to my dear sister, Noi, who got engaged on 15 September 2013. Another addition to our family members.. how excited that could be? So now, lets plan for the BIGGG day which will be in May 2014, InshaAllah..

So, 2 taken, 1 booked, 2 available... interested anyone? Lol


Friday, 13 September 2013

Kisah Suri, Breast Milk and Formula Milk.

Sedey.. sedey.. sedey...

Ok.. sgt2 sedey bila anak dah x nak direct feed.  Bila bagi dia meraung2 tolak2 nipple tu keluar dari mulut dia.  meraung macam kena dera ok.  macam terpaksa sangat la bila bg direct feed ni.  aduh anak... sedey mummy... :(

Some history, giving Suri Formula Milk (FM) was never in my dictionary at all as a mother.  Memang dari mengandung dah niat nak BF Suri the whole of 6 months and extend it to 2 years kalau ada rezeki.  Tapi 6 bulan tu mmg seboleh2nya la nak bg BM je.  Memang x pnh la sesekali pun usha FM on the market.  And of cos bila dah lahir, xde istilah2 standby2 FM ni.  Sebab to me kalau standby sure akan guna sbb kita tahu there is something standby for our baby and tak bersungguh BF.  

Call me selfish.. i learnt my lesson.  Yes, siapa yang x nak bagi yang terbaik untuk anak dia kan?  And to me, BM is the best.  So after delivery, seboleh2 bersengkang mata sbb nak bagi Suri BM.  I don't mind at all. Of cos, penat and stress sebab suri asyik nangis je, but I want the best for her right? So i let her latched until forever... mmg sangat2 lama ok, everytime Suri latched... and I thought she get the enuf milk but I was wrong!

As days went by, I tgk Suri makin susut, kulit dia start berkedut2.  Tak pernah terfikir pun she was losing her weight.  And it was because SUSU X CUKUP!

Since then, after 40 days Suri lahir, bermula la kisah Suri dan FM.  Memang sangat sedey ok sbb hajat nak bg fully BM tak kesampaian.  But ms dekat hospital where Suri was admitted sebab UNDERFEEDING, a lactation nurse came to me and said:

"Puan, susu ibu ni rezeki anak.  If banyak susu, banyak la dia dapat, if sikit susu, sikit la dia dapat.  Tapi x kan nak biarkan anak berlapar kan"

And I redha.

My "want the best" for Suri was actually jeopardizing her growth.  I was selfish!  Memang sepanjang bagi dia susu tu, dia asyik nangis je.  Ramai yang ckp sbb dia x puas, dia lapar lagi etc etc.  My dad even asked if I should add FM.  But i got really angry and upset at that time sebab i thought they were not supportive enuf utk i BF my baby.  

Before this, I selalu fikir, kenapa la some mothers cepat betul add FM to their babies' diet.  Apa la susah sgt nak BF.  Perhaps just plain lazy? Malas nak bersengkang mata bg BM.  BF kan senang, x payah nak bancuh2 susu tgh2 malam tu.  selak je baju and can even lie next to your baby sambil BF.  

Yeap! It was like a slap to my face.. and i am chewing my own words!

BF is easy once u got the hang of it.  But whether susu cukup utk anak atau x it is not you who decide. Apparently, supply vs demand does not work with us.  Suri latched for so long tapi supply still x dpt menepati kehendak dia.  She actually drink double than what i can supply.  Bayangkan dekat hospital, all this while i bg dia 2oz per feeding.  Rupa2nya she can finish up to 4oz and sometime nurse kena top up lagi 2oz. so max per feeding she can go up to 6oz!! Patut la nangis je anak mummy sebelum ni.. sorry sayang...

Bila dah jadi macam ni, I can understand why those mums yang bg FM to their babies, they could be having certain problems that we do not know.  Bukan suka2 je x nak bg BM.  well except few yg mmg x nak bg BM langsung sbb nak diet cepat lepas bersalin... but itu hak masing2 la kan.

Back to Suri x nak DF dah... ok ini semua gara2 dah syiok minum guna botol ok and also maybe because my milk production is slowing down.  Dia pun malas nak hisap sebab lambat baru keluar. Huhu.  And I have been expressing my milk most of the time jugak... last2 jadi la mcm ni.  Memang sedeh.. tapi apa kan daya. I still bagi dia DF bila nak tido kan dia.  Melalak la sampai penat... and lepas tu upah dgn botol susu... either EBM or FM.



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Anak mummy dah start nak chubby!

Alhamdulillah... my dear suri's weight has progressively increase.  Went to weigh her yesterday and as of yesterday her weight has increased to 3.36kg.  Mommy is so happy dear.. keep on drinking milk ok!

Have not had the chance to share about baby suri being admitted last few weeks due to drastic lost in weight.  Memang masa tu sangat2 risau sebab takut ada factors yg we do not know about.  Baby suri weighted 2.74kg when she was born.  In 40 days, when we went for her 1st month vaccination, we had a shocked of our life when the nurse said that her weight that day has dropped to 2.2kg.  Giler banyak ok! 

Ok how bad can we be as parents yang x sedar anak dah semakin menyusut??  Well, actually I noticed that her muscle kat peha dah x mcm before.  Kulit Suri makin kedut2 due to lost of muscle and fat.  Tapi tatau pulak sebab she lost weight.  Sebab masa dukung dia rasa mcm makin lenguh je tangan ni. so igt kan dia gained weight.. aish!

Suri was admitted for 5 days.  And of cos, I had to  be admitted too sebab breastfeed suri.  Doctor did some physical examination on her when she first admitted and doctor said, if he looked from the outside, baby suri nampak healthy.. no sign of medical illness sebab she looked alert and active.  And doctor said, it could be due to underfeeding.  Nevertheless, sebab dah admitted, they had to do more thorough checks and investigation to ensure that there is no serious factor as to why her weight dropped so much.

So the first 3 days, mmg nanges la.. bukan suri je yang nangis.. mummy pun nangis jugakkk!! mana tak nyer, anak kena cucuk sini sana sbb nak amek darah.  Oh gosh! her hands is so tiny.. apatah lagi her veins... mmg i dok menyumpah la doctor tu.. hahahha.. but... dalam hati je la.. but i know mmg kena amek pun.. kalau x mcm mana nak tau what is wrong with suri.  everytime, susukan suri, usap2 dia, cium2 dia, I cried.  Rasa bersalah sgt sbb selama ni tak tau yang baby x cukup minum susu.  

There were miscommunication between mummy and baby selama ni rupanya.  Selama ni I thought my baby dah kenyang everytime she burped after breastfeed.  So I pun x bg dah la even though she cried.  Rupa2nya the burping tak semestinya bermakna dia kenyang.  Angin pun boleh buat dia burped.  And yes, especially when she cries alot!  As a 1st time mummy, i takut nak bg susu lagi bila dia burped sbb takut dia muntah sbb overfed.  Rupa2nya... dia still lapar.. and despite spending hours menyusu. Doctor ckp, maybe susu i x banyak and she was just latching and yeap she could be still hungry masa i THOUGHT she was full!

Apapun, bersyukur sangat2 that we found out about this early.  And after getting all the test results, alhamdulillah, nothing serious and doctor diagnosed suri as underfeeding.  Furthermore, sepanjang dekat hospital for 5 days tu, her weight has increased far far better than what the doctor expected.  I  had to breastfeed her like usual, and nurse will top up her milk with formula milk every 3 hours.  Alhamdulillah, with that, berat dia naik 400g masa dekat hospital.  so mmg underfeeding betul la.. huhuhu...

Anyhoo, below are pix ms suri lost weight and her pix today.  Just look how different her cheek is!  I'm glad she is gaining weight now.. every week kena gi klinik timbang to ensure weight dia naik..and alhamdulillah..

Sedih tengok gambar ni.. cengkung je muka anak mummy... :(

Dah bambam sikit... kita minum susu byk2 ok sayang.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Maternity Photoshoot @ 35 weeks

Since I was lazy busy to update this before, here are some pix to share taken masa I was in my 8th month. Memang dah plan for this maternity photoshoot ever since i knew I was expecting.  Tapi masa awal2 tu, perut belum besar lagi (but boncit!), so not the time to capture yet!  Pictures were taken at Desa Water ParkCity by my dear friend, Shazni. Masa ni dah mmg sarat sangat dah but still larat especially doing things that I enjoy.. sampai my photographer friend ni pun dok ckp, "huish, lajunya kak naz ni jalan tgh sarat2" Lol! Anyhoo, sapa2 nak his contact do let me know ya! Really love this place.. though petang2 mmg ramai org beriadah bagai.. but the place is so refreshing!

Oklah.. so.. enjoy!


- NAZ -

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Chronology of my 1st baby delivery

I have been wanting to write about this ever since the little one came out.  It is truly an unforgettable experience for me as a 1st time mummy.  Bila beranak ni, susah senang bahagian masing2.  As for me, kisah bersalin I x semudah yang disangka.  Mungkin ni dugaan yang I kena lalui.  Allah bg 9 months pregnancy yg smooth sailing so ujian Dia to me masa beranak.  Tapi Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 - 38w2d
My birth plan was to induce me when I was at my 38 weeks since I had a pregnancy diabetes (GDM). Doctor decided not to wait until the 40 week as chances for a GDM mother to deliver a big size baby is high.  So I chose 10 July to be admitted and induced.  Why i chose 10 July, sebabnya, that day was my dad's birthday juga. Kononnya nak bg dia birthday present la on the day.  Tapi kita hanya merancang Allah jua yang menentukan segalanya.

That day was also the 1st day of Ramadhan.  So after sahur (thanks to mama and ayah sebab hantar makanan utk Rizal sahur pagi tu), I did some last minute packing, solat subuh, and terus siap2 nak ke hospital.  On the way to the hospital, mmg dup dap dup dap dalam hati ni.  Siap fikir malam nanti, dah dpt ke dukung baby, cium2 baby.  Before sampai  hospital sempat la mintak maaf kat suami.  Mmg sebak masa ni.  And of cos, seriously I mmg x pandai mintak maaf.  So ms mintak maaf tu, untuk x rasa sedeh sgt, I twisted my ayat a little bit.  Instead of mintak maaf, I tanya dia whether dia dah maafkan i for all my wrongdoings to him and halalkan makan minum I.  I told him, he has to redha for anything that is yet to happen.  Huhu mmg sedih ok.  I think dia pun nak nanges masa tgh driving tu.  Hihi.

So when we reached the hospital, terus naik level 3 where the labor ward is.  I was asked to give everything to my husband.  I just bawak masuk my insulin injection and surah yassin.  Lepas salam and kiss2, I pun masuk la labor ward.  Hubby dah bawa diri dia tunggu kat level 2 but the nurse did tell him he can come out at 9.30am for updates.

My gynae came and mula la seisi selok menyelok.  Mmg belum ada bukaan la lagi kan.  So doctor pun masuk kat ubat induce to kat dlm my vjj.  She said, if no progress, next ubat will be inserted at 11am and another one at 2pm.

Jumpa DH kat luar, borak2, update apa yg patut then masuk ward balik.  Dalam ward mmg x buat apa pun, baring je la.  sambil tu baca je la doa, zikir, yassin, nak minta bukaan cepat buka.

VE time.. cervix was soft and stretchable but no dillation yet.  Doctor inserted another ubat induce in my vjj.

Next VE... dillation was 1cm... :(  mmg frust sgt masa tu.  And i was already tired from waiting and hoping... Doctor inserted another ubat.  And I was asked to jalan2 so to help the cervix to open fast.

To cut the story short, my dillation was very very very slow.  12 hours later after the 1st induced pun bukaan was only 3cm.  At that time, it was already 8pm.  I can still bear the pain from the contraction.  What i could not  bear was the back ache, sakit pinggang, sakit pinggul.. u name it.   After the doctor did the vaginal examination that night, i was asked to rest and get some sleep.  I was kinda frustrated that my baby didn't come out that very day... tak dapat sama birthday dengan atok dia... tapi who are we nak melawan takdir.. dah tertulis, baby tak lahir aritu.

Thursday, 11 July 2013 - 38w3d
I woke up the next morning with sounds from doctor and nurses talking next to me. They were looking at my chart that showed my contractions and baby's heartbeat.  Dalam mamai2 tu, doctor ckp, "Puan, kita nak tgk bukaan ye"  I just nodded.

It was around 7am if I was not mistaken.  And dillation at that time was only 4cm. Bang! It was already 24 hours since my first induction but the dillation was only 4 cm.  Then the doctor said, "Ok puan, dah 4cm, kita nak pecahkan air ketuban ye.  Then kita masuk kan ubat dalam drip untuk cepatkan contraction so bukaan u lagi cepat". At that time, mmg dah x fikir apa dah. U just want the baby to come out.  Not because of the pain, but because of the long hours of waiting.  Dah la lepas pecahkan air ketuban, we cannot eat!

My bad, I should have asked to see my husband before air ketuban dipecahkan cos once it was broken, dah x boleh jalan2 dah.  Terbaring je la atas katil with the CTG tied to your tummy to monitor the contractions and baby heartbeat.  So seharian la tak jumpa suami.  Dah la hp pun x leh bwk masuk.  I know that he was being updated by the nurse everytime he came up but, it was not the same kalau tgk sendiri.  Right?

So I was lying on the bed waiting... waiting.. waiting.... next VE will be at 11am.

Around 9 am, my back, waist, pelvic were aching like mad.  So I immediately asked for a painkiller.  I was given a painkiller by injection at my butt.  Can't  remember the name but it definitely made me sleepy. When they did the VE at 11am, the dillation was 5cm so they decided to push me into a single room.  They were so confident that I will deliver my baby in just few hours away.  So from the ward of 4 where I stayed since I admitted, I was pushed to the labor room.

In the labor room, I was also given the happy gas. I wasn't sure if I used it correctly but it surely didn't make me happy.  I was more sleepy actually.. could be the effect from the injection earlier but funny was i couldn't sleep at all.  The pain was horrified.  Dalam menahan rasa sakit tu, one of the doctors who was handling my case asked if I wanted an HappyDural (Epidural).  I was so surprised that it was easily offered.  Then I asked her for her opinion whether I should take it or not and she said yes. And I took it.  It was funny how I made the decision to take it as I have been discussing with husband before that I do not want to take it. Poking needle into ur spine was so scary!  I blame the painkiller for making me dizzy and not thinking straight and decided on the epi!

Seriously, up until now, I do not know if taking epi was something I should have regretted or not.  It was not that bad at all.  Once I was on epi, it was like being on cloud.  I don't feel the pain anymore.  And since I was sleepy from the beginning, I ended up sleeping from 1pm (right after I started epi) till 5pm.

At around 5 pm, the doctor who was the team lead for that night did his rounding.  After my case had been explained to him, he asked the doctor in charge of my case of the next plan in the event that the dillation was still slow at the time the next VE is done.  And the doctor in-charged said that, since the baby was not distressed so it was ok to wait.  However, the leader said nope, looked at me and said:
"Puan, by hook of by crook, u will deliver your baby before 12am tonite, either by normal delivery if by 7pm ur dillation is already 9 or 10cm or if it is still slow progress, we will call it an exit plan which mean you will deliver your baby through csec.  It has been 2 days and we do not want your baby to be distressed.  So we need to plan the next course of action now."

Honestly, at that time, I dah takde perasaan dah. All i wanted was the waiting game to end and for my baby to be safely delivered.  And so I agreed to the plan.

At 7pm, when the VE was done, as expected, my dillation was only 6cm.  So plan untuk c-sec was carried out.  They prep me for the c-sec procedure.  Lucky enuf I have already on epi so they only needed to increase the dose of the epi for me to be half awake during the operation.

I was pushed to the OT at around 7.45pm.  Serious trauma giler masa tu since that was my 1st operation ever.  I was all shaky and the OT was so cold.  Seriously, mmg takut yg melampau.  Masa on the way ke OT, dapat la jumpa hubby.  He kissed me and suruh baca ayat kursi banyak2. mmg rasa nak nangis sangat masa tu.  

By the time i was in the OT, my body was already half paralysed.  Mmg susah jugak la the attendants nak angkat sbb berat kan. hehe. I can barely move.  Can't even feel my tummy down! In the OT, they changed my clothes, well, i was naked but of course I was covered.  It was damn freezing! mmg x dapat di ucap kesejukan dalam OT tu... mengigil2 ok!  For some reason, even though I was half awake, I just could not pay attention to what was happening.  Rasa mamai, x focus, mengantuk.. and yeap, I think i slept half way through the procedure.  Dalam mamai2, sedar x sedar tu, tiba2.. 

"uwaaa... uwaa.. uwaaa..." 

Ya Allah, subahanAllah, maha suci Allah.  Alhamdulillah, anak mummy!  Then one of the nurses said "Puan, puan ok tak? Baby dah keluar ye, dengar tak baby nangis?".  Ok, mummy pun nangis jugakk.. berlinang air mata.. tears of happiness!

While the doctor stitched me back, I can't help thinking about my newborn, masa tu mmg doa sangat semoga baby sempurna, cukup sifat, sihat.  All the bad thoughts sempat singgah dalam kepala masa tu.  Tengah2 fikir tu, then I heard the nurse, "Puan, buka mata puan, tgk anak puan ni"  

SubahaAllah, cantiknya anak mummy.. indah sungguh ciptaan yg Esa.  I asked the nurse "Semua ok ke anak saya?"  and the nurse said "Alhamdulillah, semua ok".  I kissed her chubby cheek for awhile before the nurse took her for hubby to azan.

And so the rest was history... 

Above all, i sgt2 bersyukur semuanya selamat.  Pengalaman yang tak boleh dilupakan.  Not only before delivery but the experience of menahan sakit lepas operation pun mmg x dapat dilupakan.  Sakit yang teramat bila bius dah hilang.  Rasa senak sgt dlm perut and kat jahitan luar tu mcm disiat2 kulit and isi.  Oh serious, i cant imagine the pain.  Siapa kata c-sec lagi senang dr normal delivery?  well, I used to say that. Now it was like a slap to my face.  Lol.  

Before this, bila dgr org bersalin c-sec, I always feel that they are lucky to escape the sakit perit bersalin normal.  To me org bersalin c-sec ni mcm get to be on the easy way out utk delivery their baby. well.. well... well.. so now, Allah nak tunjuk balik kat I that my views were definitely wrong!  Bila kita sendiri melaluinya, then I know it myself how painful it was.. samada bersalin normal or c-sec, semua tu bahagian masing2 and dua2 pun ada rasa sakitnya cuma of course sakit yg berlainan.


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello again.. and introducing the little angel of us.

It definitely have been a while since I last updated. Too many things to share but have not had the chance to do so. Even before I delivered, rasa tak bermaya nak mengupdate blog ni. Lepas delivered lagi la, mmg x berkesempatan as I was so busy adjusting and adapting with having a newborn. Alhamdulillah, dah lepas pantang ni, baby and I are abit more stable. So boleh la nak start updating now and then yeah.

So first thing first, introducing this princess of ours, Suri Erynna Rizha. She finally decided to come out on 11 July 2013 at 8.53pm. Birth weight was 2.745kg.

Fresh from the oven.  Mummy pun tak keluar OT lagi masa ni.

1 day young.  She looked so peaceful.

Mata sepet awal2 tu.

7 days young.  Botak sudah!

1st raya celebration @ 28 days.

An attempt to wake her up for milky milky!

Gaya sapa lak dia tido ni. mummy ke daddy.  btw, yes, i loveeeee pokodots!

Meanwhile, since I decided to start updating today.. on the Malaysia's Independence Day, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Merdeka!!  (Pls insert fireworks here!!)