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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Belly pic @ 24 weeks

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah,

For the journey thus far.

Entering 24 weeks @ 6 months tomorrow.

Ya Allah, Kau pelihara lah kandunganku, semoga baby ku sihat, sempurna, cukup sifat dan selamat.  


Friday, 29 March 2013

How hard is it to buy a stroller?

Stroller O Stroller!!

I think this is one of the most difficult items to find since we still have not found the "right" one.  The right one yg sesuai dengan our budget of course!  

Initially,  in my 1st trim, when we were surveying strollers at complex, mmg we surveyed for brands like Quinny, Graco, Chicco, etc etc.  But as I did more research and of course, re-visit our budget etc, I decided to look at other cheaper brands.  So when we were at the shop in Bangi, we managed to do some "test drive" on the available strollers there.  I jatuh cinta dengan  this stroller by Sweet Cherry.  Design ala-ala Quinny gitu.  But Quinny is darn expensive and beyond my budget kan.  Sweet Cherry is a Malaysia made brand if I'm not mistaken.  Price is definitely within our budget.   

Model : SCR 5


Suitable from birth till 3 years (<17kg>
Innovative design and portable lifestyle strollerLightweight aluminum frame
Adjustable backrest and footrest
Can be in forward or rearward facing
Traveling system: Compatible with C100 with additional adapter
Net Weight : 8kg

SCR 5 Stroller with SCR7 Carseat

Features :
Suitable from birth to10kg
Light weight and portable infant car seat/ carrier/ rocker
3-point, 1-pull padded safety harness
Traveling system: Compatible wit S300A and S301 strollers with additional adapter
Net Weight : 3.4kg

The best thing is that, this SCR 5 stroller is compatible with its SCR7 carseat.  So jadi la travel system.. wohooo! As for the price, the stroller is RM469 and kalau tambah the carseat, I need to add another RM239.  So total would be around RM708.  Not bad right? Tapi I belum survey online lagi, mana tau can get it cheaper.  And am still not sure nak beli carseat terus or beli stroller dulu as my SIL cakap nak bg her baby's carseat since diorg dah tak guna lagi.  What ever it is, the stroller price mmg dalam budget la.  And dear hubby pun macam suka je design ni :)

There is another model yg mmg 3 wheels, if u guys notice the SCR5 ni ada 4 wheels but yg depan tu kecil je so ala-ala 3 wheels jugak la. hehe.  The model yg betul2 3 wheels is SCR6.  

Model : SCR 6

Features :
Suitable from birth till 3 years (<17kg br="">Innovative design and portable lifestyle stroller
Lightweight aluminum frame
Adjustable backrest and footrest
Can be in forward or rearward facing
Traveling system: Compatible with C100 with additional adapter
Net Weight : 8.4kg

Cantik kan SCR6 ni. But it is slightly expensive la. Around RM689 tak silap. And they only have red colour. Don't get me wrong, I loveeeee red!! But, kalau nak beli the car seat skali macam x kena pulak sbb carseat pulak only have black color. dush! So i guess, kalau jadi we have to stick to SCR5 la kot. Oh, plus, the price of SCR5 is cheaper.. so a plus point there! Hehe.

So at this point, the SCR 5 is on top of the list la. Just nak survey if boleh dapat cheaper. If so, terus grab la. malas nak fk lagi. Ada few more items yang nak kena fikir ni due to the BIG investment of course!! 

Oh, next week ada the expo in MidValley. Been waiting for it sebab org cakap yang MV punya best. Tatau la kan. Nevertheless, hope it will not be disappointing ya!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

More stuffs for the little one & surprise stuffs for ME!!!

 For our little one.  

These are what daddy bought for you!

These bajus were bought at Manjaku, Bangi when I was there for Hubs convo.  Murah ok! sepasang around RM10 to RM12 camtu je.  My bad, I don't really understand how the sizes work.  There are NB which I supposed for newborn, size 12, 14, 16 and 18.  What the fish?! I decided not to take NB so that baby boleh pakai lama sikit, hence, I just randomly picked size 14 and 16.  Kalau besar, xpe la boleh simpan till baby muat.  Kan kan kan.

Finally, bought my own C Pillow a.k.a nursing pillow.  Well, actually it can be used for nursing, feeding or as baby's support.  Initially I thought of using my cousin's punya je.  But since I tgk my cousin still use it even her baby dah umur setahun, hmm.. should be a good investment sbb pakai lama.  Plus, since there is a mark down, from RM80 dapat RM63 camtu, beli je la.  Kalau dekat mothercare I think around RM199 kot and kalau sale pun still RM99.

And for mummy?

These are what daddy "belanja" me with!!!

:: Kristin Signature Hobo ::

:: Gallery Optic Signature Tote ::

Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!

Thank you sayang!!!  Muahhhhsssss!!

Malam ni boleh tido dengan senyuman :))))


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dilemma : Where to give birth? - Part 2

Ok, meh I sambung balik my post from the previous entry.  Busy pulak lately, x sempat nak sambung.  

Basically, as for UMSC, there is no major concern la utk deliver my baby there.  Except one thing!


I know UMSC is considered cheaper as compared to other well known private hospitals. But when I checked with the admission counter, agak tergamam jugak la dengar the charges.  For a normal delivery, the package is around RM4K.  This price is a basic cost, without complications, vacuum, forceps, epidural etc.  And of cos it does not include baby care too.  So kalau include baby care, checked with my friend, kena tambah another RM1K camtu.  So normal delivery (without complications) kena put aside RM5K.

As for a c-sec pulak, package is from RM7K.  Plus baby care of approximately RM1K, so around RM8K. Of cos there are taxes and medicines etc, so the cost may be more. 

Honestly, if u have the "moolah" or ur company is paying for the bills, I would totally recommend the hospital.  I totally love it sebab the one thing yang best, once u r admitted, u tak payah pindah2 utk pergi labour room (unless kena c-sec, then kena la pergi OT) sebab ur ward is also your labour room.  And it is big! so kalau family datang ramai2 and berkampung kat situ pun xpe.

Hubby asked me to check other privates but I am kinda reluctant sebab my records are all in PPUM so I think lagi senang kalau kat UMSC je sebab they are connected.  And to go for LHDN panel, lagi la I tak nak sebab it is so far.  Kat Bangi.  Kalau panel mmg totally covered la kan.

Honestly, mmg I feel sangat down the day I found out about the cost.  I have to face the fact that we are currently on a single sourced income.  So walaupun, I know hubby can come out with the amount, tapi x sampai hati.  I told him, I can take out my savings from ASB/Tabung Haji to tambah2 in the event we faced the worst case scenario i.e. kena c-sec.   But hubby tak bagi.  So our decision left hanging at that time.  

Actually, I still do not know my condition macamna.  Conditions of whether I can deliver naturally or not.  Obviously I HOPE, I PRAY AND I WANT to go for normal delivery.  But my gynae belum cakap apa2 lagi of whether I can have a normal delivery ke x.  It all depends on my baby size nanti (due to my gestational diabetes) and also my pelvic bone.  So around 37 weeks kot baru tau.  Hence, kalau bersalin kat UMSC, kalau dapat normal delivery tu I think, we can still pejam mata with the cost.  Cuma kalau emergency c-sec ke, mmg terasa jugak la sikit sebanyak.  

With the baby coming, honestly, I think we need to save more for post delivery.  Though most of the stuffs dah dibeli but to spend RM8K at one go... hmmm.... we have lots to think about!

As of now, apa yang I boleh buat is to berdoa, berdoa and berdoa.  Agar dipermudahkan segalanya and for us to make the right and the best decision.  Well, actually by the time I write this post, we have already a decision in mind.  So I pray that this is the best one for hubby, me and our little bouncy.  InsyaAllah, Amin.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dilemma : Where to give birth? - Part 1

Alhamdulillah I'm in my 22nd week now.  In less than 2 weeks, I'll be in my 6th month pregnancy.  InshaAllah.  So by now, dah start ushering for a place to give birth.  Actually, I only have two places in mind.

Either UMMC


UMSC (UMMC private wing)

Currently, all my check ups and glucose monitoring are done in UMMC.  So, it is easier if I just deliver there since all my records are there.  I don't really mind the fact that it is a semi-government hospital because ever since I started my check ups there, I am happy with the services.  Plus, the cost is very reasonable too.  Well, of cos hubby's GL cover the medical check ups and medicine so no worried on the cost for ante-natal check ups at all.  And the best thing is that I have the priviledge to see the same gynae each time for the check ups since she is my cousin.  Plus point there!

Nevertheless, I have my concerns if I were to deliver my little bouncy there.  Putting aside the thiny minny reasons, the main concerns are :

First, husband is not allowed to go into the labour room!!  

Ok, honestly, I have people telling me all sort of reasons why your husband should be in the LR with you.  And the ultimate reason is "ur husband should watch u give birth so that he sees how u suffer and will appreciate u better.. bla.. bla.. bla.. " Well, true enuf, but I think if the husband is really an appreciative person, x payah tunggu nak bersalin la baru nak appreciate kan.  The fact that ur wife carries a life in her for nine months, going through all the tough moments during that months pun dah patut nya jadi eye opener to the husband to appreciate the wife.  For me, I have my own reason why I want my husband to be with me during my labour.  Ok, I shall rephrase that.  I have my own reason why I want NEED my husband to be with me in the LR.  Only god knows how long I will be in labour before I finally delivered my baby.  Yes, x semua org masuk LR and keluar one or two hours after that.  Ada yg sampai berbelas2 jam ok!  So throughout this moment, I tak nak sorang2.  I NEED my husband to be there, to hold me, to rub my back when the contraction strike, to comfort me, to support me with his words and prayers.  I x sanggup nak keseorangan dlm LR to menahan sakit and bosan kalau lama sangat.  Nak2 nyer no phones allowed ok!   Memang i nanges ok! And jangan harap la the nurse will sit down to comfort u kan?

Second, the fact that you can't choose a doctor utk delivery.

I asked my cousin if I can request for her to sambut my baby nanti or not.  She said she can't promise.  Dang!  Ok, I totally understand her situation.  Being in a government based hospitals where everyone schedules are fixed and semua kena follow protocols make it hard to not follow procedures.  So nanti kalau LR tu it is fixed sapa yg on duties etc, so maybe mcm x best la kalau suka2 hati nak override other doctors kan.  Plus, my cousin is not only a gynae there but she is also a lecturing professor.  So mmg super duper busy!  The fact that my cousin said she can't promise, instead of she totally can't make me thinking twice to deliver there already.  Ye! sebab I takut and dah start imagine nanti ntah doctor2 mana lelaki or perempuan, x mengira bangsa dok selok2 my vjj nak tgk dillation.  Gerunnnn... all sizes of hands, ohhh tidakkkk!  It is not about, the time baby keluar, and doctor tarik or the fact that doctor mana2 tu suruh push etc.  It is merely the fact that these unknown doctors yg silih berganti masuk utk "masukkan" tangan dalam my miss vjj!!!!!!  Ya Allah, help me!

Third, the fact that UMMC is a learning hospital.

Soooo...... at times i heard and read, students will gather around ur bed bagaikan menyaksikan sesuatu pertunjukan!!!! PUSSSHHHHHH!!! Dengan muka menahan sakit, u have crowd with strangers around ur bed tengok muka u yang tgh push!! Nak ke?  Shouldn't u have a little privacy there?  Nevertheless, I heard we can request that we do not want any students to check or touch or enter ur LR. So am not so worry about this.  Kalau ada jugak yg x paham, mmg kena jerit la kot nanti ngan I kan.  Ada jugak some doctors yg suruh these students selok tau!! Learning exposure la konon nya.  Weh!! Ingat kita ni guinea pig ke? 

Opps panjang lak entry ni.  So ni la my concerns x nak deliver kat UMMC.  Nanti i continue with my concerns on delivering at UMSC pulak yeah.  Now nak solat dulu. Dah lambat dah ni.. ;p


Tuesday, 19 March 2013


My sisters have been asking me what I want as a pressie bila baby lahir nanti.  Told them, I'll make a list and they can choose from there.  These are the things I akan beli lambat as I may not use it immediately.  Since I have bought most of the important and necessary things. Yang less important ni can wait but definitely will want to buy it kalau ada extra budget (unless I dapat as pressie la kan.. hehehhe).

So adik2 and kakak2.. eh, ada sorang je kakak. U can share this list with mama n ayah too ok. As well as cousie muzzie yg bertanya. *evil laugh*

And here's the list:-

1. Fisher Price Newborn to Todler Rocker - Pls browse online sbb it is much cheaper.  If am not mistaken, bawah RM200 boleh dapat.  Kalau retail it is RM300.

2.  Squeky toys - Anything, I don't intend to buy any just yet sbb baby kecik lagi x reti main lagi. nanti x pasal2 jadi dust collector pulak.

3. Baju baby pun boleh, tp beli yg 6 months above la so that boleh pakai lama sket.

4.  Bumbu seat - online leh dpt bwh RM200 gak. kalau kat luar RM200+

5. Baby Gym

Ok, buat masa ni, ini je yang boleh difikirkan.  so sistas, start saving for ur little niece/nephew ya.. hehehehe. Will have the list add on as time goes by.  Cheriosss!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Project for today : Washing up baby gears!

Since I woke up pretty early today, I decided to start washing baby gears yg ada ni sikit2.  Yeap, I know it is kinda early, still have around 4 months to go, but what the heck!  Lagipun I think bila dah msk 3rd trimester mmg dah x larat dah.  So, while I still have the energy (and time) to do it.  Buat je la.  Plus, malas nak kumpul2 bila dah beli semua baru basuh sebab it's kinda tiring ok nak basuh si kecil si kecil ni.  Ni pun mula2 berangan nak hand-wash.  Last2 rendam half an hour, then off u go into the machine.  Hehehe.

But dang!

Hujan pulak masa nak sidai.  Oh!  Wrong day! Tettttt....

So far, I think I have enuff mittens and booties.  Beli sikit2 rupa2 nya dah banyak dah yg terkumpul. So enuff buying that for now ye Naz! Unless murah!

From yesterday sale, I managed to grab 6 suits.  Ok, tak tahan punya pasal, 4 of the suits colour PINK! muehehhehe.  Am not supposed to buy PINK just yet.  Tapi x tahan la. They are sooooooo cute!  Hubby pun tanya, why beli pink?  I senyum buat muka kambing je.  Then I told him, xpe la kalau boy pun, he can still wear pink since his daddy pun ada shirt kerja kaler pink. so ok what?  Hehehhe.

Esok kalau rajin nak basuh barut, blanket and napkins pulak. Hope the weather is hot & sunny!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Baby checklist: More baby stuffs!

Nampak x poster kat atas ni?  It's almost everywhere in Subang Jaya kot.  But I got to know about it from the ever greatest shoppingNsales website la kan.  The evil website yg sangat x bagus untuk wallet!! muehehhehe.. 

So last weekend, I buat muka comel kat hubby ajak pergi tengok apa yang ada.  So before we went on our anniversary date, kitorg pun singgah la tempat ni.  Ok, seriously I tak aman pergi dengan hubby sebab kesian dia kepanasan. And knowing me yg sangat suka belek2 letak, belek2 letak, so I just grabbed some stuffs yg mmg confirm I nak.  Dalam hati dah tekad nak datang again... with my mum! Best shopping partner ever sebab dia pun suka meleceh like me! hehehe.  So that visit on weekend with hubby tu mcm teaser je la.  Sempat jeling2 harga, yg dalam kedai mmg no discount la.  Same je kalau beli kat shopping complex.  But yg kat area luar tempat panas tu. haaaa itu mmg murah2!!

So today, I pancing my mum untuk teman i.  Well actually I need to service my car, so alang2 boring kan service keta sorang2 so i called my mum tanya nak pergi x tgk sale tu.  But of cos she has to pick me up kat the workshop.  My mum mmg suka la kan orang ajak dia pergi sales ni.  So dengan pantas dia setuju. Yay!

We were there kejap je, an hour or maybe an hour plus la.  Tak ramai pun org sbb weekdays kot and the sale is on for 2 weeks so not crowded at all la.  I had all the time to pilih2 barang2 yg I berkenan.  Of cos yang murah too!  This time mmg beli barang2 baby cos most of my barang dah beli.  And banyak beli mittens and booties and baju2 baby.  Mana tak nye, it is super duper cheap.  Baju sepasang, RM10 je.  And brands yang I bought were Anakku, Bebe, Pureen, Disney.  And ada another set with matching topi, bib, mitten n booties for only RM15.  Gila murah kan?!  Kalau beli mittens and booties set je, dia jual RM3 per set. Faint!  Yang ni mmg I borong all designs!! hahahaha.

Besides that, stuffs yg I beli were like baby wipes, towels, blanket, nipples for the storage bottles (yeap! found the right size for the bottles!) and few other things.  

Ohhhh!!! tak lupa juga, I beli diapers jugakkk ok!! But I didn't borong la despite my cousin said it is cheap.  Just beli 2 packs of Newborn 64.  Satu brand Pet Pet and another one brand Drypers.  I bought it for RM26 each.  Actually I pun tatau how much it costs kat supermarket.  And mmg tatau la how much is considered cheap.  But since my cousin said the price I got is a good price, so I beli je la. Beli je 2 packs dulu, nanti kalau ada sale lagi boleh la beli tambah2 lagi.  My cousin cakap for a newborn, kena tukar pampers baby quite frequent juga sbb takut rashes.  So max per day almost 10 pieces la.  And awal2 dia pesan, buy as many as possible when there are sales while pregnant ni sbb once dah deliver mmg xde masa nak pergi sales untuk cari pampers at low prices.  End up nanti u'll just be grabbing the one in supermarket dengan harga retail yg mahal.  Ye, itu contoh apa my dearest hubby akan buat.  Sebab dia bukan kisah benda yg sama tu mahal ke x, and no way he's going to all shops or sales surveying.  Dia akan grab je apa yg ada depan mata!

I malas nak amek gambar for all the stuffs that I bought sbb barang2 biasa je.  So korang imagine je la barang2 tu ok. Lol.  Apa yang penting, dah boleh "checked" some items dalam checklist! yay!


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baby checklist: Sterilizer & warmer

Two more items off the list! 

After surveying the brands and prices for quite sometimes, finally made a decision to buy which sterilizer and warmer!  

Actually before beli ni, I tanya ramai juga ibu2 kat luar tu how useful is the sterilizer and warmer ni.  Tapi ramai yg cakap x payah beli, bazir duit etc etc.  Diorg ckp sterilize guna air panas je.  Same goes for warmer.  Rendam je botol tu dlm air panas.  Hmm.  So then, I researched online pulak. And yup, ada yg ckp useful and yg cakap bazir duit jugak.  So what I did was I do my own judgement and conclusion based on my own needs and convenience.

-  No matter what, I mmg kena sterilize all the baby bottles, teets, pacifier etc.
-  I have limited periok kat rumah.  And mmg the 2 periok I have are used for cooking.
-  Each periok is not big.  Small size and maybe can only fit 1 bottle per time. 
-  Using the period to cook all sort of food, then use it also for sterilization of bottles.. hmm... not good! not good!
-  It takes much longer tu boil the water and sterilize the stuffs.  Again, my periok is small, so have to do more than 1 time - Time consuming!

-  Yes, at home I can just warm the bottle by using hot water.
-  Tapi masa travel camna ye? 
-  I pnh witness my cousin yg terpaksa tunggu susu anak dia defrost and tak sejuk ms nak balik kampung for raya.  Menangis2 la anak my cousin tu lapar.  Oh x sanggup.  Plus kalau raya tahun ni balik Kelantan, it is a long journey! 

So my decision?

To buy! 

Both the sterilizer and the warmer (home + car). :)


So, initially I wanted to get Avent 3 in 1 sterilizer.  But the cheapest I could find online is RM280 (RRP: RM359).  Then I saw little bean has a promotion whereby a set of sterilizer + bottle warmer only cost RM199.  Much much cheaper! So I thought ok la, wth, I might as well go for that brand since I'll get 2 things with a much more cheaper price.  

Disebabkan i ni banyak masa mengoogle.. so ternampak la another brand of sterilizer + warmer kat Little Whiz.  Ni brand Autumnz.  Normal price is RM230 but they are currently having a promotion and it cost RM175.  Wah! lagi murah!! And I surveyed outside, harga dia mmg around RM230 tu.  Bila dah tgk harga RM175, terus jatuh cinta.  But then again, try pulak google for other website yg jual Autumnz brand which cheaper price. Manatau kan. kot2 la ada. Hehe.

And wala!

Got It!

Ok la, tak la banyak beza pun. Just a matter of RM10 jer.  But still, cheaper is better! Chop, tetiba rasa cam cheapskate lak. Hahaha.. eh, lantak la kan.  Same exact thing with cheaper price, sapa yg x nak. Hehe.

So I told hubby dah jumpa yg sesuai.  Hubby tengok and cakap ok.  Hmm, actually I pun dunno why I would always want to ask him and hear he said "ok".  Rasanya dia bukan nya kesah pun all these little2 things.  Guys kan. hehe. But again, I think maybe bila dgr dia ckp ok tu, kita pun boleh la membeli dgn hati yg senang. Tak gitu?

So here it is.

Pic credit : Google

Autumnz Steam Steriliser

To sterilise your feeding equipment and accessories quickly and safely

Fast - Contents are sterile and ready to use in 8 minutes

Easy to use - Just add water, load and switch on

Safe - BPA free

Convenient - Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened

Effective sterilisation- Based on hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria

Large capacity- Holds up to 6 big bottles or 2 sets of breastpumps 

Autumnz Home & Car Warmer (with a car converter for use in the car)

Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car

Safe - Heats gently and gradually

Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings

Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature

Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Belly pic @ 20 weeks

* pls ignore the mess behind! :) *

Me at 19+ weeks :))

 20 weeks @ 5 months in few days time, inshaAllah.

Love the bump to the max!

Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah..

Friday, 1 March 2013

Big Bad Wolf Sale!!

Been waiting for the sale to come back and yes!!! finally it's back!!  So walaupun I know that I am not in the condition to jalan2 lama2 and bersesak2 (thank god it was not sesak yesterday!), I still wanted to go to the fair.  I wanted to witness myself how cheap are those books that were being sold there.  Luckily my sister said that she wanted to go as well, so since she'll be driving, at least I can save up my energy just for jalan2 in the exhibition hall!! hehe.

The sale was for 4 days this time.  From 28 Feb to 4 March.  Same place as before dekat the mines convention centre only that this time it is only open for 12 hours.  from 9am to 9pm.  Unlike before, I think it was opened for the whole 24 hours every single day!  To avoid the crowd, we decided not to go on the weekends.  And the last day would be quite late sebab takut all the nice books habis!  So we went on Friday, office hours and during the Friday prayer time.  Hehe!

It was definitely a bargain!!! Sangat sangat sangat murah!!!  Within 10 mins, I have already grabbed myself 4 books! And to avoid overspending, I have actually decided what books I should be looking for.  Memang kalau ikut nafsu memang banyak giler la i nak belek2.  But due to energy constraint (and budget constrait!), I've decided to only look for certain books.  Of cos the most important book is on pregnancy itself.  So I got few books on this.  And I manage to grabbed 3 novels too.  Wanted to get more but by this time dah penat giler!  And not forgetting, books on cats, cats and cats! :)))

Total damage was around RM60 but hei! for 13 books that is not a damage at all right!.  My budget was actually RM100 so yeah, I did spend within the budget itself... yeahaaa!

I feel bad sebab I did not get anythg for the hubby.  Sorry sayang, serious tatau nak beli buku apa for u!  But  on my way home, I decided to give hubby 3 books I bought.  The books on cats (since he loves cats too!!) and another book on marriage - "5 simple steps to take your marriage from good to great".  Hehe..

And for my good friend who conceived at almost the same as I am, i also bought for her one of the books I bought for myself - "Pregnancy, Childbirth and for Newborn, the complete guide".  Bila nak jumpa u eh? Nak pass buku ni.  Hehe!

So that's about it.. the big bad wolf sale! Definitely make me a one happy mommy to be!