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Friday, 30 May 2014

Having a not so romantic husband :)

Ok the title is a bit exaggerate :)  Tapi itu la hakikat yang harus ku telan.  Lol.  Apapun, I am truly thankful bersuamikan Encik Ahmad Rizal tu. hehe.. He has his own way and moments of being romantic and passionate.. :)

So what's with him being NOT romantic? Ok la.. bab2 celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc, agak fail sikit la. Sapa yang suami dia pun mcm ni sila angkat tangan!! Do I see lotsa hands out there? hehe. 

What happened is.. my husband ni jenis yang if you want something you have to tell him.  Otherwise he doesn't know.  So kalau for birthday, i nak anythg (of cos la kan! daaaa.... ) i have to tell him that i want something for my birthday.  More often than not, he will ask what I want.  Sebab to him, daripada he cracked his head cari present (which is supposed to be surprised) and end up you don't need it or prefer benda lain, baik dia beli benda yang i mmg nak.. so no surprise there la.  But again, I think his theory is true somehow.

So this time around, even though it is still 3 months away from my birthday, I dah bgtau dia siap2 what I want for my birthday.  Ada dua... jeng.. jeng.. jeng... 

One is perfume, sebab dah lama perfume habis and nak beli guna duit sendiri macam.... hmmm... sayang... lol!  Ok, this happens sejak suri lahir sebab I always feel that dari spend the money to me baik spend on suri. Huhuhu... new mum syndrome!

Secondly, I nak Garment Steamer.  Ok ni case sebab penat gosok baju yang bertimbun tu kan. hehehe..

So after expressing the above to him, he said, "Ok b, perfume you boleh beli sendiri since you kat klcc tu sure banyak choices. Nanti I transfer duit.  Steamer tu nanti I tengok kan online".

Ok la yang steamer tu dia beli kan... but perfume.... hmmm... buying my own birthday present... apa kah? Oh suami!  Tapi dalam keciwa tu, happy jugak sebenarnya sebab bila fikir balik, bila la nak pergi dengan dia.  Plus klcc selalu promotion so elok jugak.

And... walaupun my birthday is 3 months away, semalam dengan happynya I dah beli perfume tu. Hahahahah... This is because dekat concourse tu ada promotion and yesterday was the last day.  Ok, super worth it.  Tak leh nak ckp super cheap sebab price dia xde la murahhhh cuma sebab dapat banyakkkkkkk free gifts, lucky draw, voucher, free selfie and make up so I think sangat worth the price la!

So last night, when I showed husband what I've bought on behalf of him for my birthday, dia tanya "ok, nak wrap tak".  I replied "Harus la nak".  And dengan selamba he said "la... kenapa u x suruh org tu wrap terus.  ok xpe nanti kita beli wrapper, u wrap la".  And he laugh!



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fat girl trying to lose some weight!

As some of you may be aware, I am on my protein diet since, if I'm not mistaken, mid-April.  The main reason beside being nag by my dear hubby due to my non stop weight increasing is because I wanted to wear this dress that I wore at my sister's wedding 2 year ago.  And that time I was pregnant with baby suri. Imagine!  I can fit that baju when I was pregnant... ok.. don't mind the bump.. but I could not fit the baju 10 months post partum. sigh! I really gained so much weight here!

So by saying protein diet, it means, you just purely consume foods with protein and very little carbohydrate. Which means, no rice, no noodles, no bread, no anything to do with carbohydrates.  Your source of carbs is only from vegetables.

This diet is also known as Atkin Diet (AD).  You can google it for more information as there are so much info on this on the internet.  So i'm kinda lazy to repeat the info here :)

Anyway, to cut the story short, I have actually lost 6kgs after 2 weeks on AD.  But my weight stays static after that.  From my reading, I have to also workout in order to help reduce more weight. Ok part ni memerlukan semangat yang kuat la sbb skrg ni mmg xde motivation nak workout!!

Nevertheless, what I notice, even though my weight is currently static, there are inch losses from day to day.. woohooo!  Ok, how I know this is that, I actually can fit into most of my baju kurung which I actually stop wearing almost a year ago while tengah sarat mengandung.  Even after bersalin till right before I started AD pun tak muat ok! Pls imagine!

So during Suri's aqiqah, I did manage to wear baju yang from my big sis' wedding 2 year ago!  Bukan itu saja, I also get to wear back my nikah outfit during Noi's nikah last Friday.  Amazing aight?!

Well what do I consume? Hmm.. let me see... ikan, ayam, telor, sayor, udang, daging, kambing, and the list goes on.  Cuma for the past 2 weeks ada cheating2 jugak la because of my sister's wedding.  So ada la termakan burger, roti and nasi setengah senduk. dush!

Oleh yang demikian, after tengok kawan2 yang dah kurus murus tu... hari ni nak start balik betul2 on strict AD.  Oh dan juga workout!!! Dang!  Hopefully boleh la dapat ideal BMI before raya. Boleh ke? Caiyok2 Naz!!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My little sister is taken!

Last Friday, 23 May 2014, my dear sister who was my childhood enemy.. as we used to fight alot + hard core fighting sampai baling2 kipas.. is officially a wife!  I guessed we fought alot when we were small hence, as we grow older (and wiser!) we become quite close.  Her reception was held the very next day.

Congratulations my dear sister Noi (nama glamour izza.... uweeekkk!) and my new brother in law, Azriq!

A little bit about their love stories... full of loves, hates, fights, break ups, rekindles and all that happened in 9 years :)  Yeess.. kalau jodoh tak kemana. Ke hujung langit sekali pun, if you are meant to be together, you will be together!

I am truly happy for her & my BIL. Hopefully they treasure each of the moments as husband and wife with love and passion.  Marriage is definitely not easy.  It requires long term commitments and patience. You cannot shape your partner to how you want him/her to be.  But you can guide.  You can teach. You can explore and learn together.  The art of tolerance.  Understand each other responsibilities.  You have to accept your partner with an open heart.  After all, you chose to be married to that person.  No one forced you too. And above all, you have to love each other unconditionally, support and be there through thick and thin.  That are the most important recipes in a marriage!

Ok, enuf with my analogy of marriage!  Almost 9am. Time to start working! :)

Nevertheless, here are some pictures from the wedding.  Enjoy!!

Kusyuk ke dengar taskirah tu cik kak oi.. :)

Alhamdulillah... officially husband and wife!

1st family picture with new BIL.

Raja sehari.  Reception day 24 May 2014.

Pengantin with her primary school BFF.
Another bff is not in the pic sebab kawin on the same day. Lol.

 Ok, not much pictures in my phone.  Sejak dua menjak ada handbag yang asyik nak berdukung ni, mmg susah nak capture pictures.  So I guessed, the above will do while waiting for the official photographer to give the pictures. :)


Monday, 19 May 2014

Too sleepy to work so I'm updating!

Yes... as the title indicated!

I am extremely SLEEEEEEEPY.. and counting minutes to go home.  Well, it is 4.30pm at the moment.  So pukul 5pm tepat, am leaving!!

Anyhoo... looking at my last post.... alahai.. lamanya x update.  been super duper occupied with stuffs sampai x sempat nak update.  At times mmg menjenguk je blogspot ni tapi tetiba cam xde idea nak tulis apa. Padahal mmg banyak je benda nak cerita.  Huhuhu.  I guessed my writing mode aint around sebab tu x tau nak susun ayat camna kot.. sigh!

Nontheless... just a quick update on my dear munchkin.  Action always speak louder than words so am pasting pictures la je k.  yes, memang betul2 malas tahap gaban ni!

Alhamdulillah... this sweetheart of mine dah 10 months 1 week.  In less than 2 months, this munchkin will turn 1 year old!! How time flies!  Ok, don't ask me "bila nak try for adik suri pulak?".  This question, I shall let the time decide.  Dear hubby thinks Suri is still small hence, not the time yet.  Oh well... despite do not agree with him but like a tango, it take two to make it happen (with God's will) kan?  So malas nak insist over2 sangat so layannnn je la.

Ok now dah rasa rindu sangat pulak kat budak kecik ni tengok gambar dia. Haish!

Some recap on her development for the past 10 months:-

5th month - Pandai roll over by herself tapi tak reti pusing terlentang balik... so she will cry for s.o.s for someone to rescue!

6th month - Enrolled her into nursery! Peer pressure... balik je from her 1st day at the nursery tiba2 dah pandai roll over and roll back by herself.  Started her on solid food.  Her 1st solid food was banana puree... then the list went on..

7th month - Her 1st swimming activity with her cousin who is about the same age.

8th month - Had a prolonged fever sampai kena admitted.  It was quite bad. She had her 1st measles.  My mum ckp nak amek upah (orang tua2 cakap budak2 kalau nak develop anything akan demam).  And true enough, we discovered 4 teeth coming out at the same time!!! At the same time, dia dah pandai duduk sendiri!!!

Mummy and daddy's attempt to mengintai gigi!
Senyap2 je rupa2 tengah duduk sendiri for the 1st time.  Nasib daddy dapat capture pic ni!

9th month - super duper talkative!  Entah bahasa apa yang dia cakap. mummy pun x paham.  we had her aqiqah in her 9 months (more stories on this inshaAllah)

10th month - somebody is trying to stand now! she had her 3 seconds stand without holding anything.  Tapi sebab mummy teruja lebih, dia terkejut and terduduk. lol.  try again next time ye honey!

well, that's on lil suri's development so far.

oh, it's already 5.02pm.  I shall pack now. nak balikkkkkk!