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Monday, 18 August 2008

Steamboat @ Johnny's

Haven't been updating for quite a while. Still have the Cherating pictures to be uploaded. Malas tul nak upload cos cable x jumpa. Nak dijadikan cerita my mum's camera rosak pulak just on the 1st day i was in Cherating. Hampeh tul! Something bout lens error.. potong stim jer nak amek2 gambar kat cherating.. yucks! so nak tak nak i just have to use my hp.. sucks!

anyway, we'll come back to that cherating trip later when i get to upload the pictures. As for now, just wanna share some pictures taken last Friday at Johnny's restaurant Alamanda. Had a "supposed to be small" gathering with Getzzone but it turned out to be not so small. Turned out there are quite a number of members came. Surprisingly, one of our member, Botak @ Firdaus, who works on an abnormal hours decided to do double shift of 20 hrs semata2 nak datang gathering ni. Caya la botak.. lu sempoi aaa... ;p

Anyway, when shazni informed me that we were gonna have this steamboat session, I was hoping that he said Johnny's. And ding!! he said it. I was like yay! cos i loveeeeee Johnny's so much. Sampai zul igt i was the culprit who suggested the place. Hehehhe.. mana x nyer.. in a month i can eat there like 4/5 times. Giler kan. And of course yg jadi mangsa kena teman is zul la. Hehehhe.. sian dia.. sampai nak termuntah2 dah agak nya.. but babe, i really love it.. so just bear with me ok.. ;p

So this gathering i get to drag Zul to follow again. At first he malas nak ikut but when i said that i was too tired to drive all the way to Putrajaya, then he changed his mind. Tapi yg x tahan tu, tak nak tak nak ikut, kat sana dia yg hyper giler..hmm tgk jer la gambar2 tu.. he is so funny. hehehhe.... Oh and also, my sis, Izza, pun ikut sekali since she is on mid sem break. And of course she had fun too!

After the steamboat, we convoyed to one of the bridges in Putrajaya. So sorry, i dont know which bridge is that, there are just so many bridges there.. huhu.. (hmm, i guessed that explains where our money all went.. in making the bridges!!!) ok ok.. anyway, our initial plan at the bridge was for ice breaking (i.e. introducing new members - botak & ejon -) but it got extended when shazni decided to play charade AGAIN!! well, it was great anyway and again none of the groups win.. kuang kuang.. teribble aye!

All in all, that nite was marvelous. Dunno bout others but i extremely enjoy the nite out. Alright peeps.. so here are the pictures.. i know i know.. yes we had lots of fun and mmg macam kanak2 ribena. after all it was Friday nite and the next day was an off day for most of us.. oh yes, except for our botak.. hehehe... so guys enjoy!!

~ The end ~

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ayusolo said...

bestnyer dier mkn johnnys...lama tka mkn situ plak rasanya...nyumnyum....