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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Back from hometown

Yay! I'm back in Subang. Bestnya back to my own room and my cozy bed after a loooong drive from Kota Bharu -> Kuala Terengganu -> Cherating -> KL. Well actually, from Cherating to KL la. We left KB yesterday, singgah a few of our relatives' houses kat KT and overnight at Cherating. Approximately 9 hours of driving before we reached our home sweet home. All the on-the-road focus, 120-160km/hr driving, overtakes were darn exhausted. Kecut gak especially kat Karak Highway yang jalan macam ular kena pukul tu and kampung areas where u have to watch for motor-cyclists, kids, cows and goats crossing the roads and not to forget jalan kampung yang bumppy giler. Owh well, what an experience. I hope that was my first and last driving to KB. Seriously, tak sanggup den.

Reached Subang at 6.50pm. Just in time to take Fluffy home from Healing Room which closes at 7pm. Kesian dia kena tinggal kat situ for a week since no one can help to look after him when we were away. I called the vet 4 days after we sent him there and the doctor said that he was still down and ate only half of his food. Sedih sangat gamak nya cos Fluffy and I have never been apart. Sekarang ni pun, Fluffy kinda upset even though dah balik rumah. Maybe merajuk kot cos we sent him away for a while. Takpe, hope he's gonna be ok soon.

Oh ya, speaking of cats, Junior, who went missing before Raya, tiba-tiba hari ni dia ada pulak kat rumah. My sisters and I thought dia sedeh cos his bestfriend, kiss kiss, passed away recently. Thank God, Junior is ok and back home. Btw, Iz gonna give me another Persian after Raya. I asked for a female so bleh kawin kan dgan Fluffy. Ayah seems fine when i told him about the new cat but mama macam against it pulak. Oh yes, all the blabbing bout bulu/hama/asthma semua keluar. Owh well.. mothers...

Anyway, sampai-sampai rumah tadi sempat pergi open house my neighbour. Sedap nya makan nasi dagang even though kat Kelantan patut nya dah puas makan dah... hehehe.. The open house was together with Ayu's engagement event juga. Congratulation Ayu!

Okie dokies, i'm gonna go for shower now. Am so tired but nak keluar for a ciggy kejap. Terpaksa puasa sepanjang my trip back from KB. Almaklum la convoy with the parents.. and mata Si Ayah mmg tajam, nampak jer apa anak dia buat kat kereta belakang.. huhuhu..

Till next update...

p/s: tgh mogok x nak cakap dgn zul.. he is such a "_______". Geram betul!! huhuhu...

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