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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Enduring the situation

What a tiring week. The first week of April has just passed. Which means, we have 3 more weeks to submission deadline or as what was mentioned in the roundtable yesterday, ONLY 19 working days left. I love it when the number gets smaller and smaller which means the peak will be over soon BUT scaryyyyy, there are so much work that still need to be done looking by the chart prepared by my manager. Owh no, 19 days of nightmares!

It is a very stressful moment currently. With work piling up, with managers who are hanging down your neck all the time chasing for the work to be out, with the unacceptable speed of staffs preparing the work, with my unstable emotions and all... owh.. I just cannot take it anymore but nothing much i could do than just telling myself to hang on there...

When you are in this kind of situation, all you want is when you are out of the office, is to be with someone who could support your current stage. Someone who would cheer you up and make the most of the time when you are with him. Someone who would understand that you are tired and
stressed and would console you. Someone that you could talk to or let out your emotion due to the stress at work. Someone that would listen to you and hug you and tell you that this will be over soon. After all that's the reason why you would take a break from work just to be with him. Cos you know that by being with him, the pressure at work would slowly go away. But did it really went away? or it is just making you more upset? i don't know.... :(

Oh well.. this is life i guessed... you just don't get all the things that you want. In the end, you yourself have to be strong and support or console yourself. You just have to endure to the situation. No one would care about you as much as you care about yourself.

Gonna go for a shower now. My goodness, it is so dark outside. I guess we will have a seriouly heavy rain real soon. I can hear it coming. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... and it rains... heavily... If people were to ask my feeling at the moment, I would ask them to look outside.. it is the same as the weather now.. tired, sad and gloomy...

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if only... said... for yrself, love for yr mind, love for yr body..heart n soul...never ever depends on others...kan kan kan