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Friday, 26 June 2009

Away again

Sad sad sad.. the boyfriend is away again. A colleague of mine said:-

"C'mon la naz, how long your boyfriend is going to be away? 2 days? 3 days? Meh sini I nak hantuk you.. "

Huhu.. mmg la, but we see each other every night. It's gonna be 2 boring nights as i wont be seeing him at all. Sedih tau. I am so amaze of couples who are "serving" long distance relationship. Oh.. I so cannot be like that.

My mgr is going to the same place where the boyfriend is this weekend. Kalau x fk panjang, nak jer sebok2 ikut my mgr. Tapi kang takut sampai sana kena hantuk ngan the boyfriend plak.. sob.. sob..

I guess i just have to have the patience and wait for Sunday to come... sob.. sob.. my weekend is gonna be session after session of prison break season 4.. =(

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