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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Meet the parents

Alhamdulillah, the meeting went well.

The weekend the boyfriend & i met after Raya, he said he wanted me to come for Raya to meet his family. I was happy, yes, but I wouldn't want to end up in frustration just like what happened when i came back from umrah. So, not to jinx it, I just kept it to myself until the day comes.

Never would I have thought that I would be so nervous to meet up with the family up until last night. Seriously, I was having a massive nervous breakdown. And I told him on the way back from movie about my feeling. And he answered "Kalau takut, x payah la jumpa." Eh, eh, budak ni, bukan nak comfort kiter.. camtu lak dia jawab. Hmm.. not to make things worse such as starting an argument, I just stayed silent. Malas nak menjawab. Kang lain pulak jadinya.

So when I reached home that night, I could not find anyone better to tell about my nervousness, and so my parents la jadi tempat mengadu. Ayah gave me this doa untuk tenang kan hati and jauh kan perasaan gementar tu. Almaklum la, nak solat tak bleh pulak, so baca doa jer la. Mama siap pesan "Pakai la baju kurung esok ye, elok sikit." Hmm.. okie mummy..

The night passed very quickly when I entered today, the day that I've been waiting for. Again, I was having a difficulty to choose what to wear... opps.. not what to wear, I know that i'm going to where a baju kurung, but which one?? Again.... mama, ayah and wati (my eldest sister) became my adviser. But the problem was, all three of them picked up a different baju for me:-

Mama chose the plain red thai silk baju kurung pahang with beads at the v-line neck and wrist. The material that I bought in Phuket last year.

Ayah chose the green modern baju kurung which I bought the material in KL

Wati chose the blue top with sulam on the arms which i normally wear with my blue silk sarong

And I actually ironed all three baju together with the tudung, tried all three also with tudung and i was still undecided. But after careful consideration (cewah...), I decided to wear the baju that mama chose. Yelah, kan nak jumpa the boyfriend's mother, so I supposed mama's choice would be the best one.

Alhamdulillah, the meeting was not as bad as I thought.. sampai nak kena nervous breakdown kan. Ni the boyfriend punya pasal la.. asyik jer nak takut2 kan orang.. teruk tul..

Eh, mama dah balik.. and she is calling me.. sure nak tanya updates pasal today.. okie peeps, tbc... =)

Owh.. in conclusion.. today was a blast.. and I'm happy.. *grinnnn*


diana zainal said...

naz, u're so cute! nervous macam masa syamsul first time jumpa my mum ( tapi we were not even a couple pun masa tu).. dia siap minum dari an empty cup sebab dah tak tau nak buat ape..kekeke..

glad that you had a great meeting :)

Em's Family said...

What's next ?? :)