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Monday, 9 November 2009

No title

I haven't figured out yet what should be the title of my entry this time. Oh yes, and I haven't been updating since ages.. more than a month now.. thanks to the FV on FB.. been plowing, seeding, harvesting every single time i get my hands on the computer like nobody's business. I did have few attempts of logging into the blogspot to update only to find myself staring at the empty white screen. I just didn't have the mood to update... ;o

And yes, within that one month, there were many things that happened. Here are some of the recaps:

1. Received my bonus letter... it was SUCKS big time.. i wasn't happy.. so i don't wanna talk about it.. ;(

2. Went looking for rings with the bf.. almost bought this one nice ring. But then, told him that maybe we shoud just wait for the end of year sale, mana la tahu ada yang lagi best.

3. Still on the engagement ring, i think i've hurt the bf when i told him "u x payah la cincin tunang, my friends sumer x bg pun husband derang cincin masa tunang".. it was a big time mistake.. should have not said that. He is sort of merajuk now that he does not want any ring at all.. and yeap, i got scolded from my dad too, apparently my mum gave him a ring on their engagement and ayah said "normal la tu kalau dia nak cincin tunang". Should have discussed with my parents rather than dgr org cakap... sigh... i am so sorry baby.. i didn't know..:( and as a result, we don't really talk much about the engagement plan anymore.. and i'm just so so so sad.. :(

4. My second cousin who is 25 years old is getting married in 2 weeks time.. bear in mind.. it's a guy.. sigh... and as always.. my aunties are being kepoh'ing asking "awak ni bila lagi... jgn la lama2 sgt bercinta.." err.. hello... have u all heard of the word 'jodoh' before... god.. stressfully annoying!!

5. I hate that place sooooo much and the people in it... all the plastic ones... they are all freaking fake!

6. Movies we watched in Oct/Nov that I can remember: Law abiding citizen, Jennifer's body, Time traveller's wife, Ninja, Papadom, Surrogate, Beyond resonable doubt. Ermm.. we spent too much on movies.. but i guessed this habit will go off once we settled down.. kan baby?

Erm.. almost 1am on a Monday morning... do i have to go to work 2mrw??? darn!!! Think i should head off to bed..

p/s: I love him to bits.. i am crazily in love with him... ok ok enuf mushying.. nite! ;p

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ayusolo said...

oo naz...item no 4 tu kan, org hampir2 nak blog kan jugak after jumpa makcik2 bagai during last sunday wedding tu...arghhhhh...memahami...huhuhu...