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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Still on the most torturing month of the year

I've completed the JPRs feedback for my staffs whom I am evaluating this year.. finally! forum smileys

Honestly, all of the feedback i gave are 100% on work performance. It's my principle of not mixing business and personal wise when it comes to evaluation matters. So far, I think I've given good feedbacks to those I am evaluating. And of course the development need feedbacks that I put in were all based on my experiences working with each one of them as well as based from feedbacks I got from my co-workers.

As for me, given that i am also an employee there, i also have my superiors evaluating me. Honestly, I am confused and smileys forum smileys Yeap.. no doubt most of the feedback in the development needs are correct but i'm just upset over 1 particular thing. The thing is there is this one point that 2 of my superiors raised for me to improve on. However, I seriously can't accept the way the point was written by 1 of them. I think it's a bit hush and can be structured more positively to avoid me feeling offended. Ooh well.. what the heck. The more i keep thinking of it the more i feel bad. But again... the sentence can be structured in better way.. at least yang tak menyakitkan hati.. duh! forum smileys forum smileys forum smileys

What ever it is, i hope my increment would still be good this year.. kalau x sia2 jer berhempas pulas cam nak mati time compliance this year.. yucks! forum smileys forum smileys forum smileys


Ibu Emir said...

kawan, rezeki ade di mana2, :) --- > mengmotivate diri sendiri gak

Naz said...

huhuhu.. tu la kan.. :(