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Saturday, 26 July 2008

When u get to laugh out loud

Just came back from lepaking with my peeps. As usual, there will be net, pian, soto & yana. But this time, zu & fik pun ada.. best giler. Dah lama x jumpa diorg.. eh, not dah lama x jumpa, dah lama x hang out ngan diorg. Ok, so, when it comes to lepaking with the gang especially when it involves net.. hmmm.. apa lagi... mmg through out the time gelakk jer la memanjang. And of cos, jokes utama, mmg sah2 la bab kena mengenakan sesama sendiri. Tapi net tetap champion. Bab kena mengenakan orang ni.. nobody can ever takes the title off him. Nak2 nya bila engine si zul dah start. Mmg pecah perut semua orang la dia buat lawak. But the funny thing is, sure yg sentiasa jadi mangsa or jadi bahan is ME!!! They are sooo meannn... Jahat! Jahat! But it was good la actually.. eh.. not part yg kena kan i tu ok. It was the laughing part yang best giler. Not all the time dapat gelak sesuka hati camni. I have a feeling suara kitaorg kuat giler kat situ dgn laughter lagi... huhuhu...

I shd get to bed. Have to wake up early to pack my beg for the trip. Aaargghhh... sleepy.. okie.. nite2! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

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