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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Girls talk

Met Rila and Zurina last Monday night. So b4 Zu sampai, sempat la bergossip dgn Rila. Gossips?? Not exactly gossips la.. basically bout me, being and flying on clouds. Sorry Zu, didn't mean to keep it from you. Seriously i mmg nak share with you my excitement but I think it's just not the right time yet. Ok2, back to my so called "gossips" with Miss Rila, one part of the conversation went like this:-

Rila : Owh my god girl, there are sparkles all over your face.. i know that feeling..

Me : Is it that obvious?

Rila : Oh yes... i know you.. ok updates...?

Me : Ah, I'm going crazie.. do u think he likes me as much as i like him? you know, not the friend kind of like?

Rila : Have you told him that you like him?

Me : Giler aaah... that would be so embarrassing ok. What if he doesn't like me that way?

Rila : But at least you know the answer now. Don't go around the bushes. It might hurt you later.

Me : Uh.. I cannot bear another frustration. Ok, let say, I bagitau dia that I like him.. then, what next?

Rila : Then if he likes you, perhaps you guys can start from there.

Me : And what if he doesn't like me that way? We've been friends for so long, I just don't want to spoil it. I love the feeling I'm having right now. It made my day.. u know after what had happened previously.

Rila : Yes darling, I know. I wish i have that feeling too. At least, your guy is in front of you. Where's mine?

Me : My guy? I wish Rila, I wish.. It's weird, after so long, tiba2 i have this feeling towards him. Where does the feelings come from?

Rila : Things happened dear. You don't asked for feelings to come.. it comes.. That is what love is all about.

Me : Love? Yeah... For all i know, he may not even notice that I exist. Sad huh...?

Rila : No la... think positive ok.... hmmmm.......

Me: Hmmmm.....

So, the conversation was left hanging. Zu came 5 mins later and we just dropped the subject. Still feeling guilty of keeping it from Zu but I know she would understand why. And the chances of Zu reading this is slim if not absence altogether. So i'm pretty safe for now.. hopefully... hehehe...


ayusolo said...

i'm soooo agree with rila girl...go naz...go...:)

Naz said...

hmmm... biar dulu la.. c how it goes.. *wink*