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Saturday, 6 December 2008

I wish...

it is easy for me to express how i feel towards him...

  • when both of you have been friends for so long, the chances of him to accept u as his special someone may be very slim.
  • i never though in my life that i would fall to someone who is my friend. yes, we have never been very close previously but an occasion brought us closer.
  • it's nice being around him... he makes my day.. and i know that i am happy just being near him.
  • it's like there's a chemistry between us.. a connection. I just love talking to him.
  • he's like a drug to me.. my own brand of heroin (taken from Twilight.. hehe)
I wonder if he feels the same.. or is it just me... feeling the way that i felt.. I wish i know.. I wish he would tell me.. sigh.....

p/s: this entry is abit mushy.. i guessed i may be in my romantic mode currently.. huhuhu.. just bear with me yeah.. ;p

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