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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Serving our rights

I was meant to write this entry earlier to share with you guys but I was so damn pissed off with what happened sampai nak tulis entry ni pun malas. But I guess, ini boleh dijadikan pengajaran to all. Our rights as customer/client/buyer.

This incident took place early this month. I bought a new HP at this distribution centre in Glenmarie. After few days (less than a week) of using it, I noticed a round yellowish spot on the screen. Due to a tight schedule, I only get to bring it back to the centre the following week for inspection. The staff, let's address her as "H", said that they need to take the hp for further inspection and she said the technician will contact me to inform me accordingly. And so, I left my newly bought HP there.

2 days later, the technician by the name of "K" called me and said that they have diagnosed the hp and found out that the LCD screen cracked. She said that in order to replace the LCD screen, I need to pay RM480 as it is not covered under the warranty. I was like... WTF? I told K that I have only used the phone for less than a week and now I have to fork out another RM480 to replace the screen which was fucking ridiculous. I was really mad but K keep on saying that it was a human fault thus warranty does not cover. Human fault? Yeah as if i was stupid enuf to spoil my newly purchased hp which cost over RM2k right. K said that if I do not agree with their quotation then, I can take back my hp. I was very upset and because I do not want to fork out anymore $$$ I agreed to take my hp back.

The following Saturday, I went to the centre to take my hp back. So I met H again. After waiting for about half an hour (due to so many customers b4 me), H attended my case. Ok, this is even more funnier. She said that since they will return my hp not in a good condition, my 2 years warranty will be void. WTF? I argued with H and telling her that I feel the company is trying to cheat me. She said that I should fight for it first before deciding to take the hp. She gave me the HTC customer care email for me to make complaint. I felt cheated. It's like I was being played. One way or another. Either pay RM480 or dont pay but lost the warranty. Either way I'm screwed. I called the boyfriend to let him know. He said leave the phone there and lodge for a complaint. I was pretty upset cos i really want my hp back. But stubborn2 I pun, I just listened to what he said.

The boyfriend asked me to lodge a complaint at e-aduan. Honestly, I am so lazy to go through all this hassle cos I don't think that there will be any result out of it. But the boyfriend insisted.. hehe sampai kena marah i dibuatnya.. huhu. And so, I lodged a complaint at e-aduan as well as at the HTC customer care.

After about a week later, I received a phone call from K, that technician from the hp company. She said that, after further discussion with the management, they have decided to treat my case as a special case thus they will change the LCD screen at no cost and my warranty will also continue for the next 2 years. It was weird bcos the week before, K was so strict about me forking out the extra $$. But I dont bother to ask further cos what matter is that I dont need to incur any cost. K said that I can collect my hp in 2 days time.

A few days later, after I got my hp back, I received a phone call from this guy saying that he is from the Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna. He said that he is incharged of the case I lodged in e-aduan. He asked if I have gotten my hp back and I said yes. Asked him what happened after I lodged the complaint. He said that he went to the company with a few others for investigation. They have issued a warning to them and have given some talk about cheating the customers/ penipuan perkhidmatan, etc. He said what I did (fighting for my right as a customer) is a right thing to do sbb mmg ramai yg tertipu dgn company2 kat Malaysia ni. And so he asked me to spread the word about their service so that Malaysians are aware of it.

And so.. I got my hp back, so far ok la xde apa2 problem lagi and even they have upgraded the software so lagi laju and tak lagging. It was a relieve. Thanks to the boyfriend sbb kalau ikut my impatience mmg akan tertipu la dgn company tu.

So peeps, just to spread the word (pegawai tu yang suruh ok.. hehe), if you feel u have been cheated when buying consumer goods/services, fight for your rights ok. Thank god, masih ada lagi kementerian2 kerajaan yang boleh diharapkan.. upsss... no offend ya.. hehehe... because of this, I dah tak malu dah nak cakap... MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

Btw, saja nak tayang hp.. hehehe... taraaaaa....

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