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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Just came back from watching Angels & Demons. Great movie I must say though I was dozing off once or twice while leaning on the boyfriend's chest while watching the movie. Was feeling sooo sleepy probably due to late night sleep in PD plus the comfort of the boyfriend's muscular chest and arms around me.

Miss him so much.

Had a row with him 3 nights in a row. Poor him. I feel bad. Probably I was going to have my mensus sbb tu super sensitive for the past few nights. Owh my sense of jealousy was pretty bad too. I know. Bukan I x sedar that I should not have behaved that way. I'm so so sorry sayang. Didn't mean to. It's just that, with him out station for the whole week last week plus my mensus coming, plus missing him like crazy sampai nak marah pun ada, everything just piled up. I was so sensitive that eveything dia cakap or tak cakap I terasa. Being me, after I have let out my anger and frustration at him, then after that ok la. But of cos, after that the boyfriend pula yg marah with me behaving that way so last2 dua2 merajuk, dua2 marah... sigh.. And seriously, I hate that I made him angry sbb it will last god knows till when. Tu la, masa nak vent out the anger and frustration x fk dulu, bila the boyfriend dah start marah baru la nak menyesal. Huhu..

Sayang, I am so so sorry for behaving that way. Sorry ye baby.

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