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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Check up updates~

Had 2 days in a row appointments at PPUM this week.  One was a normal pre-natal check up and another one was an eye check referred by the endocrine specialist.

Pre-natal check up
Yay, get to see my gynae last Thursday. Alhamdulillah. Super duper busy ladey! Missed her for last check up as she was facilitating exams.  Good to see her as I have tonnes of questions which I am only comfortable to discuss with her.  Bukan apa, with other gynaes, malas nak tanya2 sebab I guessed I am more open with my gynae and she is willing to answer all questions even how naive or funny my questions would be.  So i this time I had her to explain the last baby scan report sbb the previous gynae i saw didn't bother to explain it to me in detail.  Dr Sofi yang sangat rajin melayan my questions dengan bestnya plot the measurement of my baby from the previous 2 regrowth scan report on this designated chart and explain to me accordingly.  She said everything looks good, inshaAllah.  :)

So I am now into my 3rd trimester, inshaAllah.  27w 6d. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

I will be having my ATT injection next week.  Dr said, the injection is to prevent from infection masa bersalin nanti.  Kot2 la terberanak tepi jalan on the way to the hospital kan.  So at least, I'm vaccinated.  My first injection will be next week. Patutnya boleh je kalau nak terus inject masa jumpa dia last Thursday, but I wasn't ready.  Err... ready for what i pun tatau.  Tak prepare laa nak kena jap ari tu. huhu.  So I said, I'll do it next week on my scanning appointment date.  She just laughed tgk i takut kena inject. Lol.  Apparently there will be 2 injections.  After the 1st one next week, the 2nd one will be 4 weeks from that date.  Oh no.  Hope it won't hurt.  Takut k!

I also asked her if she thinks I may be able to have a normal delivery or not.  She answered "why not? we can try."  And smiled.  Very positive and determining.  I like!  Dr said that so far I have not shown any serious problems that may prevent me from having a normal delivery.  Then I asked her what about the size of my pelvic bone since i heard some people cannot deliver naturally if their pelvic bone is small.  She said that it is not tested (ok hit me, since I was a bit blurred when she said that but nodded.. hahahha..).  Then she continued "But if by 37 weeks ur baby is above 3.6kg, I won't encourage sebab u kecik". "And usually, if ada diabetes ni, 2 weeks before ur due date kita akan induce sbb takut baby besar sgt".  Hmm... ok... so I summarized, despite anything, mmg kena tunggu dekat2 nak bersalin jugak la baru tau leh normal ke tak.  Yelah, sometimes if kita plan a normal delivery pun, but kalau time tu baby x engage ke or berjam2 still x dillate, so I guessed the option would be c-section juga la kan.  

"La ilaha illah anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimeen"

Sekarang ni yang mampu untuk dibuat ialah berdoa.. berdoa dan berdoa. Berserah kepada Yang Maha Esa dan semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.  Amin.

Eye checks
So the next day I went for another appointment.  This was my 1st time for this eye check.  The endocrine specialist had me referred to the eye clinic as a procedure for diabetic patients.  This check is to check for diabetic retinopathy which is a blood clot inside the blood veins at the back of the eyes. 

Save the long explanation which you can just google, in short, damage to the retina at the back of the eye (retinopathy) is a common complication of diabetes. If left untreated, it can get worse and cause some loss of vision, or blindness in severe cases. Good control of blood sugar (glucose) and blood pressure slows down the progression of retinopathy. Treatment with a laser, before the retinopathy gets severe, can often prevent loss of vision.

First time at the eye clinic or its medical name is Ophthalmology Clinic was quite an experience.  Ramainya orang.. oooemgee!!  I arrived quite early that day, before 8am dah sampai and my number for registration was 66!  Good enuf, the queue was quite fast, x habis lagi milo sekotak dah sampai 66 though at the time i pressed the number, it was only number 37.  After registered, I got another number for another queue.  Apparently the same number will be called 3 times... all for different procedures!

1st procedure, eye screening... basically to read the alphabets on the screen with and without lenses.  

2nd procedure, in order for the doctor to examine the eyes properly, the nurse will have drops put into the eyes to make the pupil as wide as possible. I was told that the drops will make your vision blurry for up to six hours. 

3rd procedure, finally, jumpa doctor!  How the doctor examined my eyes was by using a microscope.  Ok, xde korek2 biji mata ye.  I know i exaggerated my thoughts! mmg over la kan hehe.  The machine used lebih kurang sama mcm dekat optometrist kalau kita nak buat glasses.  Using that machine, microscope and a very, very, very bright light, the doctor viewed each of my eyes.  Well, it was not painful cuma uncomfortable due to the light.  Mmg terang sbb suluh dekat dalam mata.  I guessed sbb nak tgk veins belakang mata tu kan, so kena la terang!

After the eye examining, the doctor explained to me the result.  Alhamdulillah, semua ok. Nothing abnormal.  Ok, baru je nak hembus nafas lega, she said that as a procedure, for expectant mothers with diabetes, actually every 3 months i.e. every trimester kena check.  but since I am already into my 3rd trimester, so another 3 months, i pun dah deliver, inshaAllah.  Therefore, she said she will do another check before deliver at 35weeks and another one after deliver.  *gulp*  Ok je la... nothing wrong with check ups.. to be on the safe side kan? 

So before balik, I asked her if it was ok for me to drive since the effect of the drops was still there.  She asked me to rest my eyes for a while and go outside where there was sunlight and see how my vision was.  Kalau still blurry, better not.  But inside my head dah terfikir, "boleh ni drive..".

Huh, the moment i stepped outside, mmg blur giler!  Too bright, i can't focus to anything.  Rasa nak pejam mata je sambil jalan. Huhu.  So I sat down at the bench there, and called my dad suruh dia amek.  Hehe.  Of cos, my sister had to accompany him sebab nak drive my car back.  Pity her!  Giler la x kan nak tunggu 6 hours kat situ sampai my vision is back to normal kan?!

Unfortunately, or fortunately... my vision was back to normal 100% the next day after a long sleep!!  So, next visit kena suruh DH amek cuti and accompany me nampaknya.

Oh well!

Last but not least, looking forward to the coming months! :)


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