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Monday, 22 April 2013

This is what I call, grab & pay!

So last Saturday, DH asked what was my plan for that day.  I have no particular plans  but I know I wanted to go to the Pureen Sale.  DH however is not the kind yang suka sesak2, crowded, panas, etc.  So I have already decided to go there with my sis.  Cuma, x confirm je yang my sis boleh teman ke x. Lol.

So when DH tanya, cepat2 tanya dia balik, what was his plan.  dia ckp xde apa.  So I terus la dengan muka comot baru bangun tido sambil buat ala-ala kiut, told him that I wanted to go the Pureen sale and asked if he could drive me there.  And he answered "ok, tapi i drop u then i tunggu dalam kereta ok?".  Ohhh, good enuf for me actually.  Sebab, i know i wont enjoy my shopping if nanti kena tgk muka DH yang kepanasan and nak cepat.  At least, I have all the time to choose-compare-think-letak balik-amek balik-think again-compare again- for god knows how many time.  Hehe.

So he dropped me exactly depan gate warehouse tu.  It was actually a good thing hubby dropped me there and waited somewhere else while waiting for me to finish shop sbb Ya Rabbi, banyak sungguh kereta and there was so hard to get a parking and u have to park so far away.  Well, i know this from my observation sepanjang salam kereta nak sampai depan gate warehouse tu la.  Hubby asked how long I need.  Told him, it will be a quick one sebab my main concern nak grab the ABD liquid detergent je. :)

Well, I was right about being quick.. but errr... not that right on grabbing only ABD liquid detergent :)

All at very good bargain!  Storage bottle, RM1 each!! 

Ok la, actually takde la banyak sangat I membeli this time.  Total damage pun around RM150 je.  But the stuffs were so cheap! Tu yang main grab je.  Most of the things dah beli pun before but since it is cheap and memang guna pun, so I beli je lagi.  I tak beli baju2 pun sbb dah I think cukup buat masa ni.  Tak tengok pun baju2 sbb hehe.. i dont trust myself.. sebab takut terbeli pulak!

For me mmg best Pureen Sale ni.  Worth it!  Nasib baik time I pergi they just restock the stuffs and orang pun not as crowded as in the morning.  

So next sale boleh pergi lagi for sure. kan? :)


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