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Monday, 16 June 2014

Daddy's day!

Firstly, happy 1st daddy's day to my dearest husband!! I hope you like the gifts that Suri & I gave you!!

Tak perasan mummy capture her picture.

Ok, now baru pandang :)
A simple gifts je sebab aduh... susah la nak cari hadiah for daddy ni. Org tanya nak apa, dia ckp x nak apa2. Hm.. so last2 I just bought a card, fridge magnet where it has quotes for dad - untuk daddy letak kat white board kat office and last but not least, height measurement bunting (yg suri tgh pegang tu).  Well, that height measurement tu utk suri completekan every month but in the end it will be for daddy la. bijak x mummy? kill 2 birds with one stone! hahahhaha.

One that very day, daddy has to go to Ipoh already for work. So we only spent the day time together. Malam pulak we had father's day celebration with atok.  Initially we wanted to makan makan at a place called Big Plate at sec 7 Shah Alam.  Cari punya cari restaurant tu x jumpa pulak.  Rupa2 nya dah tutup. Cis! Next to it ada this steakhouse. Macam menarik.  So we ended there for dinner.  Not bad at all. Memang boleh datang lagi lepas ni.

As usual, monopod tidak ketinggalan!

To Atok, from Suri with love.
Ok, if you can see from the pic, ada 3 org missing.  My mum, my 4th sis and my dear hub.  Hubby mmg x leh ikut sbb dia dah kat Ipoh by then.  Amirah is as usual busy with her herbalife sampai xde masa dah utk family.  My mum? Hm... mystery... lol... don't ask me why dia x ikut... for some reason merajuk dengan one of her anak. Oppss... not me k... with one of my sister... who? Jeng..jeng.. jeng...

Anyhoo.. Suri bought for atok a card and a mini booklet keychain.  booklet tu of cos la cerita pasal grandfather kan. hehe.  Both atok din and wan manan get the same card and gift.  Baru la fair and square kan.  No picture with wan manan sebab x sempat nak bergambar siang tu. next time la yeh.

Last but not least, happy father's day to all ayah, papa, abah, bapak, father, daddy, etc.  You are the greatest!


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