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Monday, 2 June 2014

A surprised visit from Kelantan!

On Friday, I was given a big surprised by my sister telling me that our relatives from Kelantan will be coming to attend Noi's wedding at the groom side andddddd..... some of them want to sleep at our condo sebab ada 3 families coming!!

What?! Did I hear that correctly??  My house yang macam kapal pecah tu? Ok, my kitchen is in the mess, I have mountains of clothes unfolded, Suri's toys are everywhere, Rizal's workout equipments are in the middle of the living hall, the guestroom in need of bed sheet changed, the rest room needs to be relooked... and the list just go on!!

But again, I can't say they cannot sleep over at my house, can i? After all they come a long way from Kelantan, 9 hours journey and it's not like they come every week or month for that matter.  So redha je la, dengan harapan balik kerja awal and terus kemas rumah.

So on Friday, when I reached home, made evening coffee for my dear hubby, prepared dinner, fed suri and tucked her in bed early, i put my doraemon hat and did some magic making the house spick and span!  Lol! I wish!!  Well, the cleaning all was done in about 3 hours.  Of cos, with some cheating here and there i.e. unfolded clothes are hidden in the praying room. Lol.  By 11pm I was dead tired so I rang up my dad asking the relatives whereabout.  He said they have not arrived yet sebab bertolak from Kota Bharu after office hour so maybe about 1am baru sampai subang.  Told him I was just gonna take a nap and to call me once they are coming to my place.  Huh... nap la sangat... tengok2... nap sampai pukul 8am!!!

So the next day, asked my dad kenapa x kejut.  He said they arrived late and by that time semua orang dah penat and semua decided to squeeze around my parents' place je.

Nothing much happened on Saturday sebab the whole day dah spent time kat wedding noi.  After Noi's wedding, we all adik beradik bawak everyone to Jeram makan ikan bakar malam tu. Since my parents had to go to Kedah to attend my cousin's wedding, tinggal la kami adik beradik entertaining our guests.  The dinner was awesome, banyak giler makanan we all order.  Alhamdulillah semua habis licin.  The bill come out to RM803.50 to be exact for about 20 of us.  Of cos, we shared the bill among the three of us adik bradik la. Hehe.

Pix : credit to google  image

Before makanan sampai... everyone cam piranha!

Of cos for that night  I ajak diorg tido condo, alang2 dah kemas and ready for guests kan. Hehe.  Tapi diorg dah selesa ramai2 kat umah my parents and malas nak angkut2 barang so they continue to stay at my parents house.  Nevertheless, I invited them for breakfast on Sunday before they head back and continue their holiday in Penang.:)  Tak sempat nak snap pic of food prepared for the breakfast. Prepared so it looked decent on the table tapi pada hakikatnya beli je kan hehe.  But here are our pics... camwhoring!  Now every one can be in the picture! Thanks to the monopod and shutter! Hehe.

Kejakunan melanda.  Ayah Su trying out monopod! Hehe

Lepaking while chit chatting

Ayah Joe & Suri - budak paling gumbira bila ramai2 org datang!

Ayah Su (in yellow, dad's youngest brother,
Suri & Ayah Long (Dad's eldest brother)

All of us!


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