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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

One of the weeks in November

Just a little bit of this and that:-

Ok, I had 3 more days before i go on leave. Had to clear up the "banjaran titiwangsa" at my workstation which i successfully piled up the load since i had such a very busy week last week.

Still clearing up my work load. My throat has been killing me since few days back. I was feeling darn sick. As a result, i was on non-smoking days for couple of days now. Haven't even touch the one that my colleague bought for me from Langkawi.. sigh! Had excellently finished clearing up the banjaran titiwangsa b4 i left for the day. But still there are couple of things i still need to do before i go on holiday/study leave.

Darn! I really need to go to work. I havent done my leave memo, submit my timesheet, my passport is still at the office, etc. etc.. argh!! my sore throat is getting worst. had an extremely bad cough. I think i'm gonna have my annual (which i normally kena in Nov/Dec every year, for some reason, and i yet to figure out why) asthma attack. Owh no.. macamana nak gi holiday kalau sakit. Darn... Anyway, due to my not so good condition, i took the day off. Came to office at night to settle couple of things that needed to be settled and of cos, passport picking... hehe...

The beginning of my 3 weeks (2 weeks++ actually) break. Hooorrrayyyyy!!!!
To my 2 dear peeps, u know who u are, thanks for helping out during my absence. Anything just buzz me up ok. No worries, no such thing as disturbing my leave. Cuma, while i'm in bandung, sms jer la... mahal seh kalau answer calls.. hehehhe.. okie, anything keep me updated, such as if "anyone" is not very happy on any days again.. huhuhu...

I guess i'll be starting to pack for my hols... ;p

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