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Friday, 28 November 2008

That's what sisters are for..

10 reasons why i love my sisters:-

1. they are there during your ups and downs;

2. they are the one who shares with you the feeling when you are ridiculously on cloud nine even though you may be tgh syok sendiri;

3. they are the one who tells your parents that you are no longer in a relationship and begged our parents to be supportive n don't put any pressure on you;

4. they are supportive in their own ways;

5. they may be very mean but for good reasons;

6. they let u make the decision but never leave u alone when it turned out to be a bad decision;

7. they listen to your problems and craps no matter how many times they have been hearing it for;

8. they give honest opinions and criticise u b4 u embarrass yourself further;

9. they are always there when u have no one to go out with; and

10. they love u unconditionally, again, in their own ways.


ayusolo said...

yup...agreeee..thats osso y i need all my brothers..:)

Naz said...

ooh aaah.. the different between us is you have all brothers and i have all sisters.. hehehe...