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Friday, 12 March 2010

2 weeks already

So time flies... like really flies.. it is 2 weeks today that I am with the new Firm. Before that.. so so sorry peeps for not updating earlier. Not that i am super duper busy like i was always been during this time of the year.. yeah with peak and compliance and craps... but because i was kinda tired gearing up and settling down at the new place.

Alhamdulillah... the past 2 weeks was awesome. All the nervousness, sleepless nights (konon) and anxious before the start of my new employment were just for nothing. I felt very much welcomed there. People are friendly and yes my thoughts were completely wrong! Getting to know new people was the part that i felt very much nervous. But thank god, it was like very easy to get along with them. All my negative thoughts about them not being as bonded with each other like when i was in my old office were completely wrong. They are indeed very close with each other. Just like when i was in my old office. After 2 days i can already join the crowd, bergelak ketawa like they are not new people that i just met pun. I am so thankful for that.

Work wise, despite of now being a peak period, I can still singing and dancing and laughing while driving back home just before sunsets. For the first time in the last 5 years i can actually do that plus no working weekend for me just yet. Truthly speaking, i am not busy with compliance work. I am just assisting another group leader with reviewing some work under her portfolio as she is quite new to the service line and does not have so much experiences in compliance. Tapi assist jer kan, so memang as and when required, baru dia mintak tolong.

So what did i do for the past 2 weeks? goyang kaki? no.. no.. no.. 1st week there, i was already been given 3 advices to do. A week and 3 advices... woo.. did i say that correctly? yeap! and in the 2nd week, my partner put me on a project on payroll doc review to work alongside with a manager. The project is until october and we are completing it phase by phase. Very interesting, very good exposures. Yeap exposures.. things that i am looking for. Bila fikir balik... when i was at my old place, boleh kira brp advice yang dpt buat ever since i joined the firm. But here, alhamdulillah, peluang tu ada and terbuka for ALL.. and kat sini, xde concept "the chosen one" or "the favourites", etc.

Anyway, for the project, the first phase was completed today. When i sent out the email today, and when the global office responded with acknowledgement, i felt happy and satisfied. Mmg x bleh nak describe how the feeling was. Happy. Hopefully the next phases will run smoothly too.

Other than that, everything was fine. Of cos i cannot compare the structure/ facilities of the new office with the old one. Memang the old one tersangat la modern and luxurious. Lift cantik, workstation cantik, interior cantik, etc. But is that what really matters? May be for some people yes, but to me, apa guna dalam sangkar yang cantik tapi hati x happy? So despite of the not so modern interior/ structure of the new office - ala2 ofis IRB sikit la.. hahhahaa.. but i am indeed happy. For the new people i meet, the new exposures i get and yeap, the new environment i am in now.

Alhamdulillah, when some people asked me "ada x rasa menyesal tinggal kan the old office?", i can smile and said "No, i'm not."

And thank god, i am still keeping in touch with my kakis in the old office. We are still close. So, I don't think i'm losing anything and in fact.. i've gained more things. Hopefully more best things to come...

till then... :p

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