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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday morning activity

- Aerobic & jog @ Tasik Shah Alam -

Hi kawan2.. so this my activity now every Saturday morning. Aerobic and jog beramai2 dekat tasik shah alam. It is open to public. Sapa2 yang interested nak join, mari la beramai2. It's fun i tell u. No matter if u are students ke, housewifes ke, lecturers ke, executives ke, tak kisah... we mingle around, get to know each other and the best of all enjoying the fresh morning breeze.. it is very relaxing.

At the moment, there is a weight lost challenge (wlc) going on. And i am joining it.. wooohooo!!! The challenge will be a 12 weeks challenge and it's already the 6th week now. Today is the last registration day already.. unfortunately. Each participant has to pay RM50 to participate. As of today, x silap i we have close to 50 participants. So at the end of the 12th week, sapa yang paling banyak lose weight will be receiving the cash from the registrations. So basically, if ada 50 people, the winner will get RM2,500 la. Apart from that, to keep everyone motivated, every week pun ada prize jugak for those yang lost weight paling banyak bila compare dengan previous week... good eh? So i have another 6th week to workout, workout, workout. Actually, best jugak sebab everyone mmg best and sporting. We motivate each other. At the end of the day, it's not the $$ that matters. It's how we look like that matters. Seronok cos i can now focus on reducing my inches and kgs while having FUN, FUN, FUN! Pasni baru la best sikit nak gi tempah my engagement baju kan. hehehe.. :))

So friends, despite the wlc registration has ended, no worries. You can still come and join the aerobic and jog with us. Ni mmg open to all and it's FREE!! Gimme a call or email me if nak join ok.

The more the merrier!


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