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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Not any update, just feel like posting an entry tonite!

Ok.. just a quick entry to keep my readers occupied + THOSE silent READER(S) yang i am sure sooooo eager to know bout my life now.. yes, i POSITIVELY SURE i know who you are!


Anyway, i remembered this entry i posted before. At the bottom of that entry, there is this sentence i wanna quote here...

"Talented men leave. Dead wood doesn't"

To some people, please la.. if you wanna be such a dead wood so much.. tolong la jgn sebok2 pasal org lain and spread stories/rumors/negative things bout other people. Sampai bila nak hidup macam tu. Insaf la! Tak pasal2 blog ku ini jadi famous... which i like, cos it helps increase my nuffy earnings.. aawwwww!

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