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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

1st gynae's appoinment.

It  has been a week since I've discovered that I am pregnant.  Given the history I had before I decided to see a gynae as soon as possible.  I haven't really decide which gynae I want to go to or to see for this pregnancy.  But one thing for sure, this time around, tak mo pergi klinik kesihatan awal2.  I will register with them but not that soon. maybe bila dah enter 2nd trim insyaAllah.

So untuk 1st appoinment ni, after some thoughts and considerations, I chose Dr Fatima Najla from KJMC.  One of the reason, dekat dengan rumah.  Less than 5 minutes drive.  5 minutes cari parking and 5 minutes walk from my car to the Gynae's clinic. chewah!

Made an appointment the yesterday and today dah boleh terus datang.  My appoinment was after 10.30am sebab pagi doctor ada case.  Ok, xpe at least they notify me early. so xde la dtg tercongok2 kat situ kan.  So by the time I arrived, ada la jugak beberapa couples waiting for their turn.  The staff nurses are very friendly.  I registered myself and after a while, got my number.  3005.  Oh, 3 more people before my turn.  Not so bad :)

Finally my turn.. first time tgk Dr Fatima ni live. Kalau x before this asyik tgk kat internet je. hihi. She looks friendlier in person.  Memang friendly pun.  I can't say that I like her instantly.  Not yet, too soon to tell.  Hehehe..

So I told her my history.. the ttc journey, the 1st mc @ 4 weeks, the recent 2nd mc @ 9 weeks, the result of low progesterone, the gestational diabetes in my 2nd pregnancy etc.  Dia dengar and take note of it.  She calculated my LMP and said that I am in my 5th week and my expected due date will  be on 22 July 2013.. in sha Allah.

Dr Fatima said that usually 5 weeks is still early to do an ultrasound scan.  Sometimes, boleh npk sac, sometimes x nampak lagi.  But knowing my body, sure x npk lagi sbb before this scan at 7 weeks pun x npk.  Could be perut i tebal sgt kot. hehehehe.. Anyway, doc said, she'll try and scan anyway and as expected, mmg x npk pun lagi.  So she said to come again in 2 weeks time to scan again.  Kalau still x npk baru buat tvs.  Asked her why x boleh buat tvs skrg, but she said it is too early to insert the stick inside at this point.  Tunggu dah besar sikit baru boleh katanya. Hence the 2weeks time..

I think i was in her room about 15 minutes kot.. x lama pun.  Ha... but the charges.. walaweh!

Gynae's consultation fee : RM80
Specialist fee                 : RM80
Medicine                       : RM109

Total : RM269!!!

Ok, for medicine tu lagi melampau... just sekotak duphaston and 14 days acid folic.  serious mahal!

Am not sure if  that is the standard charges for a first timer.  Nak kena survey ni.  mmg la service best... tp alahai... mahal nya.. now x sure nak continue kat sana lagi ke x.  Though I have made a 2nd appointment nanti.  Oh... dilemma....

Anyway, we will wait and see how it goes later... kalau bagus service doc ni, perhaps we just stay despite the expensive charges.  After all, for the sake of me and my little one juga kan :)

So, this is my baby's development at 5 weeks:-

Credit :

So at 5 weeks ni, as an expectant mother, apa yg I rasa are as follows:-
  • Nausea at times, tapi x muntah. just loya je.
  • Muntah everytime gosok gigi. Kadang2 rs cam malas nak gosok gigi je.. hihihi
  • Relieve every time pergi swimming.  Mmg rasa sgt calm.
  • Malam tido awal.. kul 10pm dah ngantuk tahap gaban.  Good thing is, I get to wake up early.  But through out the day mmg cepat penat la. So again, banyak tido gak siang. hihi
  • On and off cramping.  Macam nak period.  Read somewhere, it is because our uterus is expanding sbb tu cramp.
  • Sakit pinggang, but not as bad as the last pregnancy
  • Cepat lapar... i guessed since now am eating for 2 kan :)
Despite all the symptoms, I sangat2 x kisah.  I embrace each moments of it. I am so looking forward to this great journey, semoga semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan. in shaa Allah..

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