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Monday, 3 December 2012

7 weeks.

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Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Ilahi.  I am entering my 7th week this week (5 week fetal age)

The above is the image of my little precious at 7th week.  InshaAllah, kalau ikutkan dah nak ada heartbeat this week or next week.  My next appointment is this Wednesday untuk scan.  Semoga my little precious sihat and sempurna.

At 7 weeks, beside still having on off tummy cramps.  I think my nausea is getting worst.  I feel nauseated at all times especially from evening to night.  But today, tengahari ni pun dah rasa sangat loya.  Takpe la, mummy x kisah, at least there is a prove something miracle is happening inside me :)

My appetite is also decreasing.  Tengok semua, semua x lalu.  but i have to eat. kesian baby nanti x dpt nutrition secukupnya. so paksa la makan juga, foods that i can eat.  and refrain myself from vomitting it back.  I still have problem untuk gosok gigi every morning.  Pantang masuk kan toothbrush dlm mulut sure la ter uweekkk uweekkk... camna jer... adeh... mmg kena sepantas kilat gosok gigi.. huhuhu...

okie folks.. x leh ngadap lappy lama2... nak termuntah pulak tgk screen ni. will be back to update on my 2nd visit to see the gynae. doa2 kan semoga dapat tgk heartbeat baby ye semua.  amin...

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