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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2nd gynae's visit

Hello dearies,

As promised, here's an update after my gynae's visit.  Had an early appointment sebab nak kena amek fasting blood sugar before seeing the gynae.  So at 8.30am, hubby and I were already at the gynae's clinic.  Registered myself and was taken to the lab for them to 'poke' my forearm. Kejap je amek darah tu, pastu nurse suruh gi makan dulu sebab diorg nak process darah tu. Dalam 20 minit camtu la. Then baru boleh jumpa doctor bila dah ada resultnya.

So after habis breakfast roti canai telor kat mamak kat tepi KJMC, we all naik la balik kat gynae's clinic.  Walaupun my number should be the 1st one to go, tapi sebab result belum dapat kot so terpaksa bagi laluan kat patients lain dulu.  Hmm.. xpe la... After about 15 minutes tgk dinding  tv (which i actually just stared at the tv), my number was called.

Then masuk la bilik Doc Fatima.  She called the lab for my blood test result and jeng jeng jeng.... 6.9 mmol!! Ok, tinggi ye for a fasting blood test! She said she wants to refer me to a physician to monitor my sugar level.  And since I want to continue my check up with PPUM, i asked if she could refer me there.  She noted.

After that, it was time to scan my tummy.  Alhamdulillah, ada kandungan dalam rahim.  We saw the sac.  Tapi tak nampak heartbeat lagi.  Probably awal lagi. Doc ckp insyaAllah, lagi seminggu boleh npk.  Aminn...
Pastu doc bg gambar scan yg nampak sac tu. Tapi dlm sac tu cam nampak bayang2 baby je. Oh.. perasaan seorang mummy... :)

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