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Monday, 10 December 2012

PPUM : 1st visit

Subahanallah.. what a beauty!
Right after my appointment at KJMC, I straight away called the gynae at PPUM and made an appointment.  Alhamdulillah Dr Sofi said I could come on that Friday itself.

It was not that bad that Friday, patients were not so many as any other days.  And my turn to see Dr Sofi was actually quite fast.  I was in there for about an hour juga la. lama kan. Totally satisfied!  We went through all the details about my experiences.  U know, about the ttc journey, bout previous miscarriage and eventually the current pregnancy.  Dr Sofi is very detailed.  She jotted down all the dates and events in a chronological order. Told her every single thing that she needed to know.. and of cos my worries too!

After that, we went for a scanning.  Told her that I would prefer to do the transvaginal scanning (tvs) instead of abdominal scanning.  She said ok, but nevertheless, we would try the abdominal scanning 1st.  Ok doc!

As expected, abdominal scanning mmg x nampak la. Probably my bladder was not that full or that the fats at my belly is so thick that the scan could not get through.. hahahhha.  So eventually we did the tvs. Dalam hati selawat and berzikir and berdoa semoga semuanya selamat.

Then suddenly Dr Sofi was like:

"Haa.. tu baby.. dah ada heartbeat pun. Mummy risau sgt ni.."

and i terus tgk screen and tanya doc "Mana heartbeat doc"

"Tu yang flick laju2 tu, npk x?"

"Ha'ah nampak.. alhamdulillah..... syukur..." sambil berlinang airmata.

Ya Allah, syukur alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, Kau pelihara lah kandungan ku, baby ku semoga sihat dan selamat. Amin.

Dr Sofi kata  sekarang 7 weeks plus.  Alhamdulillah.  Went back to her room after the scan since scanning room is in another room.  We discussed on my diet and meals. Do's and don'ts.

Seriously bersyukur sgt sebab dpt jumpa Doc Sofi.  Memang best! I was in her room for about 1 hour.  Previously kalau jumpa gynae mmg kejap2 je. nak cakap or tanya pun laju2 sbb diorg mcm rush nak jumpa patients lain kan. But with Dr Sofi I can actually tell her everything. And she listened very patiently.  Suka suka suka!  Dr Sofi ni boleh dikira sbg my cousin juga la kot.  Her uncle marries my aunt. So kitorg ni ala2 cuzzy muzzy gitu la.  It is so different when she puts her doctor's hat.  Kalau x before this jumpa kat rumah my aunty je so we weren't really talking about pregnancy stuffs.. oh well, i think last jumpa pun i was not married yet so mmg la x cakap pasal pregnancy kan! Lol.. But dia mmg best la, just hope dapat follow up with her through out my pregnancy ni. Amin...

Anyway, as expected, my sugar level is high.... again! So i have to do blood sugar profile (bsp) for 3 days this coming week (thank goodness I have my own glucometer now!) and she will need to review my results next week. Ok doc, i'll do what ever u said, anything for the sake of my little angel here :)

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