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Monday, 19 May 2014

Too sleepy to work so I'm updating!

Yes... as the title indicated!

I am extremely SLEEEEEEEPY.. and counting minutes to go home.  Well, it is 4.30pm at the moment.  So pukul 5pm tepat, am leaving!!

Anyhoo... looking at my last post.... alahai.. lamanya x update.  been super duper occupied with stuffs sampai x sempat nak update.  At times mmg menjenguk je blogspot ni tapi tetiba cam xde idea nak tulis apa. Padahal mmg banyak je benda nak cerita.  Huhuhu.  I guessed my writing mode aint around sebab tu x tau nak susun ayat camna kot.. sigh!

Nontheless... just a quick update on my dear munchkin.  Action always speak louder than words so am pasting pictures la je k.  yes, memang betul2 malas tahap gaban ni!

Alhamdulillah... this sweetheart of mine dah 10 months 1 week.  In less than 2 months, this munchkin will turn 1 year old!! How time flies!  Ok, don't ask me "bila nak try for adik suri pulak?".  This question, I shall let the time decide.  Dear hubby thinks Suri is still small hence, not the time yet.  Oh well... despite do not agree with him but like a tango, it take two to make it happen (with God's will) kan?  So malas nak insist over2 sangat so layannnn je la.

Ok now dah rasa rindu sangat pulak kat budak kecik ni tengok gambar dia. Haish!

Some recap on her development for the past 10 months:-

5th month - Pandai roll over by herself tapi tak reti pusing terlentang balik... so she will cry for s.o.s for someone to rescue!

6th month - Enrolled her into nursery! Peer pressure... balik je from her 1st day at the nursery tiba2 dah pandai roll over and roll back by herself.  Started her on solid food.  Her 1st solid food was banana puree... then the list went on..

7th month - Her 1st swimming activity with her cousin who is about the same age.

8th month - Had a prolonged fever sampai kena admitted.  It was quite bad. She had her 1st measles.  My mum ckp nak amek upah (orang tua2 cakap budak2 kalau nak develop anything akan demam).  And true enough, we discovered 4 teeth coming out at the same time!!! At the same time, dia dah pandai duduk sendiri!!!

Mummy and daddy's attempt to mengintai gigi!
Senyap2 je rupa2 tengah duduk sendiri for the 1st time.  Nasib daddy dapat capture pic ni!

9th month - super duper talkative!  Entah bahasa apa yang dia cakap. mummy pun x paham.  we had her aqiqah in her 9 months (more stories on this inshaAllah)

10th month - somebody is trying to stand now! she had her 3 seconds stand without holding anything.  Tapi sebab mummy teruja lebih, dia terkejut and terduduk. lol.  try again next time ye honey!

well, that's on lil suri's development so far.

oh, it's already 5.02pm.  I shall pack now. nak balikkkkkk!


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