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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fat girl trying to lose some weight!

As some of you may be aware, I am on my protein diet since, if I'm not mistaken, mid-April.  The main reason beside being nag by my dear hubby due to my non stop weight increasing is because I wanted to wear this dress that I wore at my sister's wedding 2 year ago.  And that time I was pregnant with baby suri. Imagine!  I can fit that baju when I was pregnant... ok.. don't mind the bump.. but I could not fit the baju 10 months post partum. sigh! I really gained so much weight here!

So by saying protein diet, it means, you just purely consume foods with protein and very little carbohydrate. Which means, no rice, no noodles, no bread, no anything to do with carbohydrates.  Your source of carbs is only from vegetables.

This diet is also known as Atkin Diet (AD).  You can google it for more information as there are so much info on this on the internet.  So i'm kinda lazy to repeat the info here :)

Anyway, to cut the story short, I have actually lost 6kgs after 2 weeks on AD.  But my weight stays static after that.  From my reading, I have to also workout in order to help reduce more weight. Ok part ni memerlukan semangat yang kuat la sbb skrg ni mmg xde motivation nak workout!!

Nevertheless, what I notice, even though my weight is currently static, there are inch losses from day to day.. woohooo!  Ok, how I know this is that, I actually can fit into most of my baju kurung which I actually stop wearing almost a year ago while tengah sarat mengandung.  Even after bersalin till right before I started AD pun tak muat ok! Pls imagine!

So during Suri's aqiqah, I did manage to wear baju yang from my big sis' wedding 2 year ago!  Bukan itu saja, I also get to wear back my nikah outfit during Noi's nikah last Friday.  Amazing aight?!

Well what do I consume? Hmm.. let me see... ikan, ayam, telor, sayor, udang, daging, kambing, and the list goes on.  Cuma for the past 2 weeks ada cheating2 jugak la because of my sister's wedding.  So ada la termakan burger, roti and nasi setengah senduk. dush!

Oleh yang demikian, after tengok kawan2 yang dah kurus murus tu... hari ni nak start balik betul2 on strict AD.  Oh dan juga workout!!! Dang!  Hopefully boleh la dapat ideal BMI before raya. Boleh ke? Caiyok2 Naz!!



juls julie said...


waaaaaaaaaaaaa nak kurus jugakkkkkkkkkk...

NazLurve said...

juls! jom jom... i ni asyik cheating je skrg.. huhu