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Friday, 30 May 2014

Having a not so romantic husband :)

Ok the title is a bit exaggerate :)  Tapi itu la hakikat yang harus ku telan.  Lol.  Apapun, I am truly thankful bersuamikan Encik Ahmad Rizal tu. hehe.. He has his own way and moments of being romantic and passionate.. :)

So what's with him being NOT romantic? Ok la.. bab2 celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc, agak fail sikit la. Sapa yang suami dia pun mcm ni sila angkat tangan!! Do I see lotsa hands out there? hehe. 

What happened is.. my husband ni jenis yang if you want something you have to tell him.  Otherwise he doesn't know.  So kalau for birthday, i nak anythg (of cos la kan! daaaa.... ) i have to tell him that i want something for my birthday.  More often than not, he will ask what I want.  Sebab to him, daripada he cracked his head cari present (which is supposed to be surprised) and end up you don't need it or prefer benda lain, baik dia beli benda yang i mmg nak.. so no surprise there la.  But again, I think his theory is true somehow.

So this time around, even though it is still 3 months away from my birthday, I dah bgtau dia siap2 what I want for my birthday.  Ada dua... jeng.. jeng.. jeng... 

One is perfume, sebab dah lama perfume habis and nak beli guna duit sendiri macam.... hmmm... sayang... lol!  Ok, this happens sejak suri lahir sebab I always feel that dari spend the money to me baik spend on suri. Huhuhu... new mum syndrome!

Secondly, I nak Garment Steamer.  Ok ni case sebab penat gosok baju yang bertimbun tu kan. hehehe..

So after expressing the above to him, he said, "Ok b, perfume you boleh beli sendiri since you kat klcc tu sure banyak choices. Nanti I transfer duit.  Steamer tu nanti I tengok kan online".

Ok la yang steamer tu dia beli kan... but perfume.... hmmm... buying my own birthday present... apa kah? Oh suami!  Tapi dalam keciwa tu, happy jugak sebenarnya sebab bila fikir balik, bila la nak pergi dengan dia.  Plus klcc selalu promotion so elok jugak.

And... walaupun my birthday is 3 months away, semalam dengan happynya I dah beli perfume tu. Hahahahah... This is because dekat concourse tu ada promotion and yesterday was the last day.  Ok, super worth it.  Tak leh nak ckp super cheap sebab price dia xde la murahhhh cuma sebab dapat banyakkkkkkk free gifts, lucky draw, voucher, free selfie and make up so I think sangat worth the price la!

So last night, when I showed husband what I've bought on behalf of him for my birthday, dia tanya "ok, nak wrap tak".  I replied "Harus la nak".  And dengan selamba he said "la... kenapa u x suruh org tu wrap terus.  ok xpe nanti kita beli wrapper, u wrap la".  And he laugh!



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