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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Iftar with the peeps

Date : 12 September 2008
Venue : TGIF Pavillion followed by Bangkok Jazz thereafter

Nothing much to write. Just that I was having a bad week last week and at first memang malas giler nak bersocial dgn sapa2. But as usual, Faisal yang kuat memaksa tu, keep on pastering me to go. Sampai kan dia guna tawfiq pujuk i ikut. Hahaha.. eventually, I gave in. Lucky for me, they really made my week. So glad i hang out that night.. ;p

Syamsul & Zurina were solo that night.. hmmm... missing your single times aye?.. hehehhe...



ayusolo said...

bestnyerrr..biler kita nak bdating bukak pose nie week perhaps??:P

Naz said...

tu la farah.. dah la farah dgn naz bukan nyer jauh sgt. jom la. we'll set a date ok?