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Monday, 15 September 2008

Sunday evening

It's freaking dark outside and the rain shall fall in i think within a couple mins more. Been lying in front of the tivo since the noon. It's my lazy day. Been skipping classes for god knows how many weeks now. I wanted to drop the paper but I need the study leaves so, what the heck, am just gonna do the exam with nothing in my head that is relevant to the paper.. huhu..

Bought 2 dvds last nights - penelope & sex and the city the movie -. Oh yes, i've watched it at the cinema when it was released last 2 months. But since my dear sister, Izza, has begged me for the dvd and promised to bathe my fluffly in return of the dvd, i agreed. And so, I watched the movie again last night with her and AGAIN this afternoon with my other sister, Wati. Three freaking times and i can still laugh out loud as if i don't know the dialogue is coming.. sigh.. ;p

Ok, it's started raining now. And am hungry.. oh god... 2 more hours of tummy crumbling. I'm craving for mcdonalds.. the crunchy french fries.. and they are having this hot & spicy shakers for the french fries now. Yummy!

okie dokie.. i need to be off the sofa now to shower and get something for iftar. till then.. cheers!


ayusolo said...
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ayusolo said...

i've watched sex n da city but penelope not yet...citer yg mana satu tu yerkk..tak sure plak...:P

Naz said...

ayusolo -> penelope yg psl christina ricci kena curse. ms lahir nose & ear dia sama ngan nose & ear of a piggy tu.. hehehe..