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Monday, 22 September 2008

Isetan's member preview sale

Went to Isetan The Gardens last Friday. Hehe curi tulang.. mentang-mentang boss takde kat opis, suka hati kitaorang jer. Anyway, it was such a great sale. Best giler. Byk barang nak tgk but at a very limited time.. sigh!

Anyway, i was very happy cos i get to buy 4 pairs of shoes.. yay! All at a very good discounts. Nevertheless, i was also pretty upset by one thing.. huhuhu! Few weeks back, I bought a sunglasses at this eye optical in Summit. It was a pretty good discount and so i bought it. But on Friday, at Isetan, i saw the same exact sunglasses but with a much2 lower price. OMG!!! Sedey nyer..

So, on the way home from office that day, I called up the optical. Spoke to one of the sales person named Nicole. I told her that i was very upset because i found the same sunglasses that i bought with a cheaper price at Isetan. She took the model and the series number and said that she'll call me back. Within half hr, she called. She said that she has talked to the supplier and said that Isetan should not underpriced the item that much. But because i am sort of a regular customer there, they agreed to give me further discount like what Isetan offered... i was like yay! right there on the phone.. hehehe..

And so, a lesson to be learned.. bak kata zul - lain kali survey few places dulu baru beli.. - hehehhe... yeah, i guessed he was right (this time) but i guessed i was lucky to get a refund.. hehe...;p

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