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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The call

I received a phone call after work today. Just before i was about to go to the gym. It was a fixed line number so I didn't know who it was right until i heard the voice of the caller.

Caller: Awak..

Me: Yup.. hm, napa kol?

Caller: Saja jer. Cuti panjang buat apa?

Me: Jalan.

Caller: Gi mana?

Me: JB

Caller: Tak ajak pun. Gi ngan sapa?

Me: Kawan

Caller: Saya kenal?

Me: Nope. Nak apa kol ni?

Caller: Jom gi mid valley

Me: Malas

Caller: Kenapa malas?

Me: Nak gi gym

Caller: Jom la, saya nak cari barang. Teman saya.

Me: Malas la. Ok la. Nak letak.

Caller: Jap2, kenapa sombong sangat?

Me: Kenapa call lagi?

Caller: Awak dah jumpa org lain?

Me: Awak rasa?

Caller: Tak tahu

Me: Tak payah amek tau pasal saya dah. Kita dah pergi separate ways kan?

Caller: Sigh... so betul x nak teman saya gi Mid Valley mlm ni?

Me: Nope

Caller: Takpe la, next time la.

Me: Bye

Caller: Bye

So that was how the 5 mins conversation started and ended. Please la, the caller knows well aware that i wouldn't want to go out or even see him anymore. I just don't understand which part of "NO" doesn't he understand. Wish i could tell him right onto his face that i'm with someone now. Tapi x sampai hati regardless all the shit he did previously. Hm, biar la.. it's none of his business to know anything about me anymore. Furthermore, I would not want to break the boyfriend's heart if he knows i go out with my ex. I would be upset myself if the boyfriend still sees his exes even though there's nothing going on anymore... hmm... sigh!

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