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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

While missing my creamy..

I was concentrating with my work at the office one afternoon while missing my creamy when suddenly there's a "new mail" window pops up. It was from a friend whom I haven't seen for a while. Started with the first email, we soon were chatting and replying each other via emails.. i guess we were so excited that we forgot the use of ym or sms for that matter... sigh!

Her email:
uittss.. babe.. pe citer now? happy semacammm.. lame x update.. ceppaaattt update..

My reply:
hahahhahaa.. mesti la happy x kan nak sedeh2 lak bila benda best happens.... tapi mana u tau i happy ni?? serkap eh?? ala x best la citer camni... nanti la i jumpa u one of these days eh... hahhahahha...

Her reply:
i yg jadi 'can't hardly wait'... si jay la niehh.. hubby i mmg pantas gossip dr i.. hahahhaha.. nway, i nk say congrats dulu.. ;p but i do want d detailssssssssssss... senyap2 eyhhhh.. chet! Anyone i know ker?

My reply:
ye la.. kena la senyap2.. takut terkandas lagi.. huhuhu... anyone u know? hmm... ntah la.. maybe.. hehehe..
but so far so good. maybe bcos we dah kenal lama kot.. so skrg just nak develop feelings and get to know more about each other. kelakar gak, tetiba perasaan tu dtg.. x pnh2 terpk akan exclusive dgn dia. and i am happy babe. u doa2 kan la i ek.

Her reply:
am so happy for u.. of course i will doakan kebahagiaan u. I juz want 2 c u happy n u deserved it. Who ever that person is (soon 2 find out...), do take care of urself n may Allah blessed d new relationship. take care darling ;p

By the time i wanted to reply her last reply, it was already 5.25pm.. hehehe.. xpe la.. i need to pack my stuffs.. time to go back.. i'm sure she would understand. But i was still missing my creamy at that time.....sigh.....

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