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Thursday, 9 July 2009


At the moment, terpaksa meng'abandonkan blog ni kejap.. huhuhu... I am too busy updating my other blog -> (upps.. sorry, it's not open for public at the mo. only invited readers jer. tunggu some results dulu then it will be opened to all occay?)

I am currently monitoring my diet. So what ever food/ drink that I consumed every day, semua nya akan di record. It has been 14 days now. Still long way to go. Boleh ke nak lost lots and lots and lots of weight by October ni... eh eh... by September if possible. Hmm... may the force be with me!


diana zainal said...

hey hey hey.. on herbalife? i pernah try satu kali je minum.. yg chocolate punya. tapi lepas tu jadi muak..hehe.. tak larat nak continue ;p. best of luck! cappucino sedap tak?

Naz said...
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Naz said...

oit. aaah on herbalife. baru 3 weeks. so far ok la. finished my first f1. Cappucino is much better than chocolate. Skrg tgh try chocolate, mmg muak sikit tapi telan jer la sbb mahal kan. but next time, i'll stick to cappucino or try the tropical fruit pulak. u dah stop ke? why? maybe cara u buat tu wat x lalu kot.