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Monday, 13 July 2009

This spells J.E.R.K!

Occay, i am so fucking mad and pissed off. I was on fb chatting with this guy who used to be called a fren tapi from now on i think he is a desperado mother fucker bastard! He is actually my ex's buddy. We were close back then before the ex had an argument with him and few of them. The ex & i selalu gak lepak2 studio mamat ni dulu, karoake, jamming, pokers, etc. I have no problem with him at all before this regardless the argument they had sbb it was none of my business pun kan. Anyway, that was some background about the mother fucker. So like some days, we normally chatted on fb. Xde la apa sgt, very casual kind of chat la like "hi-sihat?-dah dinner?-kat mana?", but earlier tonite, the conversation became so uncasual and i would say rather annoying. And here it goes:-

~ after about 15mins of normal casual chat ~

The jerk : I pelik camna "C" leh biar kan jer pegi.

Me : Apa yg nak dipelik kan. Dia pun well aware keadaan kitaorg time tu.

The jerk : Yelah, tapi tak kan la sanggup let go u camtu je.

Me : emm, x paham la. apa maksud u ni (i have started feeling very uneasy at this point of time)

The jerk : u nak tahu x, dulu masa u dgn "C", i slalu gak usha u (what the fuck?!)

Me: Usha? usha napa?

The jerk : U manja. Sweet pulak tu. I selalu nak ada gf mcm u (cermin la diri dulu bro.. i dah start meluat ok)

Me: X de makna nya "Z".

The jerk : I cirius (this is how he spelled serious.. jerk!).

Me : Apa yang u serious?

The jerk : I suka tgk u naz. u cantik, sexy, gebu. I sure "C" mesti menyesal giler let u go kan baby. (baby?! wtf? suka2 nak panggil aku baby.. eii geli siot!)

Me : "Z", apasal i dah start rasa annoying giler ni?

The jerk : U marah ke i cakap i suka tgk u. Naz, u skang single ke? I tgk gambar2 u skang hot giler. Makin lawa. Jadi gf i nak? (who does he think he is?! ok, i sooo cannot tolerate any longer)

Me : No thanks. K aaa "Z", i nak wat benda lain. gi aaa chat ngan org lain.

The jerk : Eh naz, u marah ke. I mintak maaf ok.. (to hell with you!)

I just left the conversation like that. Annoying giler kan? And sooo.. i decided to click the "X" button on his name in my fren list. God!!! pissed off giler... Ini org pun ada. Get a life u freaking mother fucker bastard!

p/s: sorry peeps, i know there are too much swearing in this entry. Tak tahan beb. Just bear with me ya!

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