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Sunday, 26 July 2009

My weekend in the absence of the love one

And so 2 more days to go b4 the boyfriend come back from holiday. Hmm.. come to think about it, time actually do fly very fast. Well probably because i had a fully occupied Saturday and Sunday so tak la rasa macam bosan jer dok rumah kan.

This weekend was the 1st weekend I get to meet my business prospects since early of the year. Normally, if the boyfriend is around, I'll be spending time with him on weekends so mmg jumpa2 prospects ni would only be on weekdays.

Alhamdulillah, both appointments with the prospects went well. Positive attitude. That's what I like about them.

Went to watch a movie - Land of the lost - and thereafter a karaoke session with my little sister on Saturday after meeting one of my business prospects. It was fun la. Alangkah seronoknya kalau everyday macam ni. Jumpa prospects for few hours then u have the rest of the time to yourself. Like this one blogger whom I follow her blog - she is a housewife and she's doing the business full time. Income jgn ckp la kan, in the 5th month she is already a 5 figure income earner and it continues. Rezeki masing2. Dengan berkat usaha setiap orang, InsyaAllah that day will come for me also.

As for sunday (today), I was at home doing my washing etc. and went for a jogg in the evening. After isya' jumpa another prospect. My Getz's friend. He's cool. Mmg tgh looking for a side business. And after I shared with him about my business ni, he said he is very intereted. Hopefully, insyaallah, kalau ada my rezeki boleh la dia jadi my business partner.

Alright, that all peeps for tonite. Off to bed. Nite all!


diana zainal said...

good luck dear, semoga murah rezeki. girl power,you can do it!

Naz said...

Thanks babe!