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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Longer weekend pls...

Went to watch ice age 3 yesterday. The best part was the boyfriend and i went for the 3D show. Best giler. A little bit expensive though but it was worth it.

The boyfriend is on a week leave starting tomorrow. best giler ok.. ni yang jeles ni. He's having exam next week so this is like a study leave la. If only i have plenty of leave balances left, sure dah amek cuti gak... gosh.. bosan bosan... uppss...

Nothing much to update actually. Ni pun cos tatau nak surf apa while wating for fb to upload my umrah pixs.. huhu.. dah 3 weeks balik, baru la ni nak upload.. yeah, after a friend of mine been bugging me to see the pix kan.. hehe..

Hmm.. i'm yawning.. ngantuk dah.. update again soon. nanite!

p/s : tomorrow is monday, monday is tomorrow... can't the weekend be longer... sux!

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