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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Iftar @ The Ship

As far as I can remember, I've never tried dining in @ The Ship before. Probably I have before, the one in Kg Baru, but seriously, my memory of that was so vivid to none. The boyfriend and I have been ushering the ship since last week. Looks interesting.. with the advert " The best steak in town".. very mouth watering. And as I am a steak lover, why not right, to give it a try. So here we were, on the last Sunday of Ramadhan 2009, breaking our fast at The Ship. We went for the one in Uptown as it is near to our place =)). And so.. here are my reviews:-

Ambiance : Excellent

Food & Beverage : Excellent - At least the one we had were superb

Cleanliness : Good

Service : Good

Price : Expensive but worth every cent

Recommended : Definitely

Next time visit? : Definitely

And here are our satisfied & extremely bloated tummy faces.. hehe..

:: Before buka puasa - muka lapar..huhu ::

:: Our appetizer - fresh salads & shark fin soup ::

:: Our meal - Baby had Sirloin steak & I had Rib eye steak ::

:: lets our looks do the talking ::

:: Save the best for last - the desserts.. and yes we were darn full at this time already.. huhu ::

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