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Thursday, 10 September 2009

I'm sad, so I'm updating..

Oh yes, I am so terribly sad. Tapi untuk jaga hati certain pihak, my entry for this won't be about me expressing my sadness.. I guess, I just have to endure it myself.. after all, I chose for this.. I guessed. And like always, to go through difficult times, I would always go back to the story in the book I read online by Bruce Lawrence:-

There is this part in the book where it wrote about the difficulties and challenges Nabi Muhammad SAW had to face, hence, he asked Allah SWT :- "Can he handle the tests he was given, can he survive it, would he be given a direction where to lead?" Allah SWT turunkan satu ayat which was translated in the book which says "Hope for the best, don't ask too many questions, as I know more than you do and i will lead you".

After reading that, only then I understand. HE knows where it will lead me.
All I can do is just pray and ask for the best and leave it all to HIM. Thus, everytime I feel sad, lost, unsure of what is there instore for me in the future, I would remember what Allah SWT told Nabi Muhammad SAW, and I felt relieved.

Yet to get the hard copy of this book from the bookstore =)

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