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Monday, 28 September 2009

Why aren't others updating? Let me do the babbling then!

When I'm not in the mood of writing, thus, no updating in my "stories of a girl's life", I would prefer clicking from one blog to another to read other people's entries. Weird enuf.. most of the frequent bloggers' blogs that I regularly follow, they are not updating either... hmm... are people still on raya leaves? or they are just plainly lazy to blog at the moment, like me? Hmmm.... i wonder..

Oh well, it is today the 9th day of Syawal 2009. How time flies.. ya... Did I have a great raya this year? Great isn't the exact word I should use but hey it was not so bad after all... only that I've been missing him most of the 1st week of Syawal.. sob.. sob..

And so.. yesterday marked the end of my so-s0 exciting seremban-subang-lumut-subang one week leave. Believe it or not, I was not in my usual drag-your-feet-to-work mood today despite of today being the first day of going back to work... hmm.. is this the result of being abandoned at home while the family and the rest of our cousins, aunties and uncles were having so much fun by the seaside?? Thanks to my sister who insisted to come back to Subang on the 2nd day of our raya family vacation due to short leave break.. sigh!!

The boyfriend came back from his hometown on Saturday, approximately after 9 longggggg dreadful days of leaving me.... yea yea i know i'm being a little bit over reacted but hey.. suka la. We were so excited to see each other that we can't wait for the next day to go out. Kesian sayang I, balik penat, petang dah jumpa I.. happy nya... and the best thing is.. the boyfriend is slowly quitting smoking... i know it is hard but he is trying.. very hard.. and i like it very much.. :)

At the point of writing this, I am watching "Kekasihku seru" online. Best! Almost finish the whole episodes but for some reason this blardy server is sooooo testing my patience.. ~@#$@%$#^$&!


diana zainal said...

dah update dah..itupun sebab dapat mc 3 hari.. :)

Naz said...

yay! nanti i jengok the "love & coffee" site.. =))