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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

When action speaks louder than word

Something to remind me in the future of how sweet the boyfriend is.. :)

we had this conversation during our dinner last night when I asked him this question:-

"baby, masa i nak balik dari umrah tu, u excited tak nak jumpa i?"

"takde pun excited.. biasa jer.. ", he answered confidently.. kejam betul..

"ala.. x excited ke? kenapa u x excited.. hmm.. tapi i excited nak jumpa u semalam even though seminggu je x jumpa..", showing off my monyok face..

"b.. abis tu dah i x excited.. nak buat camna.." -> honestly sedey ok with his answers, and knowing me yang super sensitive and dgn cepat nyer dah nak start bergenang, he then continued..

".. i tak excited b nak jumpa u after u balik dr umrah.. sebab tu la i x amek u kat airport, i xde pun nak tunggu flight u delay sampai kena lepak kat umah aunty u ngan cousins and adik2 u, i xde pun nak stay up malam tu even though the next day i keja, i xde pun nak masuk rumah u bila dah sampai kat umah u and lepak ngan u lama2 kat rumah u malam tu sampai dkt kul 3 pagi. kan i tido kat umah i malam u balik tu b... sebab i x excited pun nak jumpa u after u balik.."

and i smiled... actions speak louder than words.. and i know i should have not asked him that question cos i should have already knew.. all the things he did that night.. the night i came back.. was the answer to my question.

Footnote : His sarcastically in an adorable way favorite statement "tak kan sumer benda i nak cakap baby kan?".... Hmm... yelah..

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