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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Strictly no more playing!

Heh.. cam apa jer title right.

Ok peeps! I am officially a career woman AGAIN tomorrow. Yay! Seriously, despite that i can wake up a bit later and did not have to go through the ever-hectic traffic last week while i was being in between jobs, I really really seriously miss that title... yes! that career woman title.. LOL!

And what a coincidence... while i was on that non career woman week, I met my long lost friend in fb. I was like seriously caught in between when she asked about my work. What do i do, etc. Ok.. fair enuf, i'm a tax consultant... but where? should I mention my previous company or should i mention the new company i'm gonna go to? yes, memang la I was already being offered the place and i've accepted it, tapi i belum start lagi kat new company tu as at that date.. so then, terpaksa la citer panjang2 kat dia... huhuhu..

Another thing that made me think while i was on that week off, if in any event i was hospitalised, would the new company cover the expense? macam tak jer kan, cos masa sign the acceptance letter, clearly i stated there my start working date would be 1 March 2010. So, kena la guna my personal insurance coverange gamak nyer.. haih.. but alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened so far..

oh well.. okie dokie, am gonna get ready for the day.. is it gonna be a busy day already tomorrow for me.. i have the feeling it will be.. maklum la.. it is also the same peak here.. sigh.. wish me luck all!!

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