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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Anak mummy dah start nak chubby!

Alhamdulillah... my dear suri's weight has progressively increase.  Went to weigh her yesterday and as of yesterday her weight has increased to 3.36kg.  Mommy is so happy dear.. keep on drinking milk ok!

Have not had the chance to share about baby suri being admitted last few weeks due to drastic lost in weight.  Memang masa tu sangat2 risau sebab takut ada factors yg we do not know about.  Baby suri weighted 2.74kg when she was born.  In 40 days, when we went for her 1st month vaccination, we had a shocked of our life when the nurse said that her weight that day has dropped to 2.2kg.  Giler banyak ok! 

Ok how bad can we be as parents yang x sedar anak dah semakin menyusut??  Well, actually I noticed that her muscle kat peha dah x mcm before.  Kulit Suri makin kedut2 due to lost of muscle and fat.  Tapi tatau pulak sebab she lost weight.  Sebab masa dukung dia rasa mcm makin lenguh je tangan ni. so igt kan dia gained weight.. aish!

Suri was admitted for 5 days.  And of cos, I had to  be admitted too sebab breastfeed suri.  Doctor did some physical examination on her when she first admitted and doctor said, if he looked from the outside, baby suri nampak healthy.. no sign of medical illness sebab she looked alert and active.  And doctor said, it could be due to underfeeding.  Nevertheless, sebab dah admitted, they had to do more thorough checks and investigation to ensure that there is no serious factor as to why her weight dropped so much.

So the first 3 days, mmg nanges la.. bukan suri je yang nangis.. mummy pun nangis jugakkk!! mana tak nyer, anak kena cucuk sini sana sbb nak amek darah.  Oh gosh! her hands is so tiny.. apatah lagi her veins... mmg i dok menyumpah la doctor tu.. hahahha.. but... dalam hati je la.. but i know mmg kena amek pun.. kalau x mcm mana nak tau what is wrong with suri.  everytime, susukan suri, usap2 dia, cium2 dia, I cried.  Rasa bersalah sgt sbb selama ni tak tau yang baby x cukup minum susu.  

There were miscommunication between mummy and baby selama ni rupanya.  Selama ni I thought my baby dah kenyang everytime she burped after breastfeed.  So I pun x bg dah la even though she cried.  Rupa2nya the burping tak semestinya bermakna dia kenyang.  Angin pun boleh buat dia burped.  And yes, especially when she cries alot!  As a 1st time mummy, i takut nak bg susu lagi bila dia burped sbb takut dia muntah sbb overfed.  Rupa2nya... dia still lapar.. and despite spending hours menyusu. Doctor ckp, maybe susu i x banyak and she was just latching and yeap she could be still hungry masa i THOUGHT she was full!

Apapun, bersyukur sangat2 that we found out about this early.  And after getting all the test results, alhamdulillah, nothing serious and doctor diagnosed suri as underfeeding.  Furthermore, sepanjang dekat hospital for 5 days tu, her weight has increased far far better than what the doctor expected.  I  had to breastfeed her like usual, and nurse will top up her milk with formula milk every 3 hours.  Alhamdulillah, with that, berat dia naik 400g masa dekat hospital.  so mmg underfeeding betul la.. huhuhu...

Anyhoo, below are pix ms suri lost weight and her pix today.  Just look how different her cheek is!  I'm glad she is gaining weight now.. every week kena gi klinik timbang to ensure weight dia naik..and alhamdulillah..

Sedih tengok gambar ni.. cengkung je muka anak mummy... :(

Dah bambam sikit... kita minum susu byk2 ok sayang.


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