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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Maternity Photoshoot @ 35 weeks

Since I was lazy busy to update this before, here are some pix to share taken masa I was in my 8th month. Memang dah plan for this maternity photoshoot ever since i knew I was expecting.  Tapi masa awal2 tu, perut belum besar lagi (but boncit!), so not the time to capture yet!  Pictures were taken at Desa Water ParkCity by my dear friend, Shazni. Masa ni dah mmg sarat sangat dah but still larat especially doing things that I enjoy.. sampai my photographer friend ni pun dok ckp, "huish, lajunya kak naz ni jalan tgh sarat2" Lol! Anyhoo, sapa2 nak his contact do let me know ya! Really love this place.. though petang2 mmg ramai org beriadah bagai.. but the place is so refreshing!

Oklah.. so.. enjoy!


- NAZ -

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