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Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's my birthday

but why am i not happy?



diana zainal said...

hey babes... apasal ni? the muffins didnt work their magic on you? siape yang buat you sedih sedih ni haaaa? let me at 'em! :)

Naz said...

huhuhu.. i was at home the whole day.. bosan ok. Never had i spend my birthday tak wat apa2 and just dok umah. yet again, maybe sbb birthday i x pnh fall on bulan puasa kan, first day of puasa pulak tu.. huhu.. I should have made an appointment to pamper myself at the spa... sigh.. owh, the muffins did work their magic on me.. tapi after bukak poser la.. b4 that i tgk jer la.. hahahaha..

p/s: eh btw, smlm i bleh termimpi pasal kak ita.. hahaha.. tapi x igt psl pe.